Thursday, June 07, 2012

What's Wrong With Lady Alex?!

HAS ALEX WAGNER LOST HER MOJO? LATELY, Lady Alex has been suppressing her unique, spontaneous, and effervescent wit, which aside from her natural beauty and brilliance, has always been that extra calling card that keeps her key demographic engaged rather than bored. It's measurable; I have had practically no usable material for my 'Real-Life Funnies' good-natured lampooning of Lady Alex.

I smell another Steve Capus-corporate higher ups intervention to rein Alex in, script her like a compliant Beltway Bot, and try to remake her as a younger Andrea Mitchell, Queen Bee of the corporate Beltway Media and keeper of the POLITICO Republican on-the-one-hand-on-the-other narrative from HELL, which has schooled an otherwise smart analyst like Jonathan Capehart to repeat on Alex's show the false and obnoxious "far right-far left" narrative of Andrea's Beltway Media.

This, even though Chris Matthews himself, after years of us trying to pound the truth into his head, finally came around when an academic "study" concluded what we've been saying for years: That the Democratic Party has remained a balanced ideological constant — 38% liberal and 38% moderate — but it's the Republican Party that's gone off the right wing ideological extremist deep end. Chris, a polls and numbers dude, needs that certainty to be convinced of what's staring him in the face, and what, intellectually he knows to be true but the remnants of his reptilian brain keep resisting. So, no kudos to him, when he pretends this was some sort of new revelation on his 'Let Me Finish' segment. Worse, Jonathan comes on Alex the next day and repeats the same tired old line, like he's brainwashed.

Wherefore Art Thou, Lady Alex?!
Anyway, thanks be that Alex isn't there yet, although she let Jonathan's false assertion slide. But if Alex doesn't resist efforts to remake her in Andrea's image, she'll be lost to us. It was puzzling that she did not cover the Mitt Romney Vietnam deferments — so far — given his chickenhawk neocon bellicosity, proposing to go to war with Iran and Syria, increase military spending even more, and pick a Cold War-style confrontation with Russia (the 'Soviets' to him) and China. Romney's past, including his weird fetish for police uniforms and impersonating a police officer, are VERY RELEVANT to voters today. We'll see if Alex covers these stories. If not, I see the hand of Steve Capus and the NBC corporate overlords suppressing this news, given their chumminess with Romney.

Memo To Lady Alex: Body Language Giveaway. — Alex, your natural non-American gestures are a big part of your charm and appeal. When you spend a lot of time with your chin in your hand, reading from a script like a little old lady (Andrea, who rarely moves her arms except to shuffle papers), something's off. Whatever that is, here's hoping you get your Mojo back.

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