Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Memo To Chris Matthews: Fix Your Political Compass

MICHAEL STEELE IS NEITHER  a "centrist" (maybe in 'Pollyanna Chris' World; NOT in the REAL world) nor "honest" (he's a bald-faced LIAR and a political HACK, kind of like that Castellanos dude skewered by Lawrence, only Steele is 'protected' as an MSNBC employee), much less Mr. "gentility" (given his behavior on your own show, on with Chris Hayes, and his 'laying of hands' on Alex).

One more thing — because "only in America" has no universal health care, Cuba's infant mortality rate is lower than the U.S. Let the remnants of your reptilian (Fidel-Raul: BAD — J. Edgar: GOOD) brain chew on that.

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