Saturday, September 04, 2010

Beck The Lunatic Thinks God Caused Miracle Geese Flyover of His Rally

Maybe so. But here’s the more likely scenario (along divine providence lines): God sent his flock of miracle geese on a dry-run flyover with a stern warning for Beck: “Continue pissing me off, and next time this will be a real bombing run with the geese deployed in V-formation for maximum target acquisition when they take a MASSIVE DUMP on you and your followers.”

“You get off with a warning this time, Beck.”

Friday, September 03, 2010

Adventures In TEA PARTY Campaigns? NO, But It Could Be ...

The young dude, who is not to our knowledge related to Rahm Emanuel, was pleading his case: “I can say whatever the FUCK I want; I gotta lotta money riding on this game!”

Spoken like a true New Yorker: Betting money on a tennis match! We’re still trying to determine whether “Rocky” Gramps is a teabagger. By the way, the old guy is all right.

Beck Fans' Idolatry of This Hateful Charlatan Is, Well, Like The Hitler Worship of Nazi Germany

so·ci·o·path   [soh-see-uh-path, soh-shee-]
–noun Psychiatry .
a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial
and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

This is for the misguided, and frankly completely baffling individuals (you know who you are, because I have corresponded with you from time to time), who continue to patronize Glenn Beck and listen to his hateful garbage. I am interested in how you can justify Beck’s hateful rants, noted here, his attack on the President’s 11-year old daughter, his constant and incessant lies, and as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, this expression of hatred for the 9/11 families (just “ten of them,” as if in this sick punk’s brain hating just a few, not all 3,000, is OK), and calling the predominantly black and poor New Orleans victims of Hurricane Katrina, “scumbags.”

You do not have to be a psychologist or psychiatrist to understand that this is a very sick individual; a mentally ill person. Beck’s dripping contempt and hatred for poor black people and for victims of atrocities is illuminating. It provides a glimpse into his tortured, sick soul, for whom the poor are to blame for poverty, and the 9/11 families, the ones he hates, are imposing on his comfortable millionaire’s life. Victims, in general, are to be despised for their weakness, which he believes they brought on themselves. This is an individual who is incapable of compassion, empathy, or love for his fellow human beings: All primary Christian values which he pretends to uphold. This false prophet’s Christian values are like those of Adolf Hitler, who said:
We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit ... We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press—in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past ... [few] years.
The Speeches of Adolph Hitler, 1922–1939, Vol. 1 (London, Oxford University Press, 1942), pp. 871–872.

Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith.
speech made during negotiations leading to the Nazi-Vatican Concordant of 1933, 26 April 1933

I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator.
speech before the Reichstag, 1936

In the course of my life I have very often been a prophet, and have usually been ridiculed for it.
speech to the Reichstag, 30 January 1939, as quoted at The History Place
Does this sound at all familiar to you, Beck fans? Try this. Substitute the attribution lines for simply “Glenn Beck” and tell me what you see: Quotations from Adolf Hitler, or words spoken by Glenn Beck every single day on his radio and TV shows.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sister Sarah Calls Vanity Fair Reporters ‘Limp and Impotent’

Is she angling for a private one-on-one interview with Brian Williams? (Flat-front pants need not apply.) Here is Sister Sarah lashing out with her flaccid dicks analogy:
“Those who are impotent and limp and gutless and they go on their anonymous—sources that are anonymous—and impotent, limp and gutless reporters take anonymous sources and cite them as being factual references. It just slays me because it is just absolutely clear what the state of yellow journalism is today that they would take these anonymous sources as fact. […] When a story is filled with those, we know it’s bogus.”
As for Brian, she added coyly: “My first reaction was listening to Brian Williams and wondering, ‘Brian, that's some stealth reporting. You're not even going to follow up and …. What is he insinuating?’ (GIGGLES)”

Wicked Witch of The West Gets Brain Eaten By Illegal Alien Bugs!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer stumbles on opening statement as ILLEGAL ALIEN BUGS munch on her brain. Watch: (CAUTION - Not for reflexive faint-of-heart cringers.)


Young Turk Cenk Uygur Rips Into Repugs On Social Security

I LOVE this guy! Pay attention WIMPY Democrats, as Cenk Uygur comes out swinging and gives you a clinic, a veritable roadmap, on how to combat the Repugnant schemes to cut Social Security. Watch and LEARN, Democratic officeholders:

Hmm ... If the two major cable public affairs players, MSNBC and Fox — the first, news and progressive commentary; and the other, propaganda and right wing lies — were like professional baseball teams, I would propose a trade:

DYLAN RATIGAN, currently an awful mismatch at MSNBC for Shep Smith, one of the few honest journalists at Fox with a liberal bleeding heart. Let’s face it: Ratigan is a perfect fit for Fox. Formerly of CNBC — stands for Crazies at NBC — infamous for sheltering the wingnut who coined the phrase “TEA PARTY” as well as a hideous woman whose idea of financial reporting is showing lots of cleavage and (botox or collagen?) puff lips, Ratigan seems to live up to the billing.

What this dude is doing on MSNBC’s lineup is anyone’s guess though he is clearly a conservative mole — Ratigan cannot let it rip against the Dems, so he uses the euphemistic “politicians” to rip the Dems (doh - they’re the governing party) under the pretext that both sides are equally to blame — which is a false premise. This is typical libertarian “third way” nihilism, which aims to create maximum destruction of our body politic as they prepare to build the Ayn Rand utopia from the wreckage. In specific policy terms, it means total destruction of universal healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, all entitlements, and a radical noninterventionist foreign policy that even the most dovish of progressives would consider irresponsible. Dylan is on record as endorsing Paul Ryan’s slash-and-burn Randian plan.

So why not send Ratigan to Fox, where he can be himself, hang out with his “Young Guns” buddies and openly blast Democrats, in exchange for Shep, who will be given a Senior News Editor (or somesuch head honcho) title, with carte blanche to straighten out the news division? And promote Cenk to Ratigan’s time slot! One last thing, re: specified cash considerations — Insist that Rupert Murdoch write a $1 million check made out to the DNC.

It would be a WIN-WIN!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rachel Maddow Nails What Infuriates Progressives About President Obama

Rachel Maddow:
“Whose Idea was it to let Alan Simpson Anywhere near Social Security?”

Answer: “PRESIDENT OBAMA’s!!!!!”

This, after Simpson (sometimes I think he must be the missing TV Simpsons family member) made hateful, biased statements about Social Security, then bad-mouthed veterans collecting benefits for suffering from Agent Orange. This one-man wrecking crew should NEVER HAVE BEEN APPOINTED CO-CHAIR OF THE COMMISSION ON SPENDING AND SOCIAL SECURITY IN THE FIRST PLACE. NOW, HE SHOULD BE FIRED.

Rachel, here’s your assignment (should you choose to accept it): Please summon your friend and ours, El Supremo Obama apologista, Jonathan Alter, to give us poor, outside-looking-in, lacking insight and political savvy plebes a taste of his endlessly impressive and authoritative knowledge of the President’s unassailable logic on this issue, product of Obama’s superior intellect and visionary “eternal optimist long view” of the Republican Obama-as-doormat short-term strategy as they cut, shred, tear, stomp and spit on the President’s agenda, while taking credit for the parts that remain ... like ending combat operations in Iraq.

We’re really, REALLY interested in learning what new, innovative and fascinating excuse/justification and insights Mr. Alter will produce for such an obviously subtle and nuanced decision to pick practically the WORST enemy of Social Security to co-chair the Commission to fix it. Is it some sort of counterintuitive thing? We (I’ll have to dig up the exact disparaging Alter adjective) progressives can’t wait for his next Obama apologia bull session.

P.S. Please tell Jonathan I’m almost done reading his book and have a list of questions which I’ll put in an e-mail ... not that Mr. insider’s insider will have time to reply. But I’ll send it in anyway; there’s at least one suggestion for a further footnote explanation that even he might concede has merit. (Speaking now as an editor -- not one of those terrible progressives of which Mr. Alter is so disdainful -- with free advice.)

Message To Glenn Beck From Guitar (GOD) Eric Clapton

GLENN BECK LIES ABOUT MR. I CANNOT TELL A LIE: “I went to the National Archives, and I held the first inaugural address written in his own hand by George Washington.

NATIONAL ARCHIVES: Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper insists that Beck didn't lay a finger on any precious documents, much less George Washington’s inaugural address. That would be a major violation of policy. “Those kinds of treasures are only handled by specially trained archival staff,” she explains.

(by Eric Clapton and Bobby Whitlock)

Tell the truth. Tell me who's been fooling you?
Tell the truth. Who's been fooling who?

There you sit there, looking so cool
While the whole show is passing you by.
You better come to terms with your fellow men soon, cause...

The whole world is shaking now. Can't you feel it?
A new dawn is breaking now. Can't you see it?

Tell the truth. Tell me who's been fooling you
Tell the truth. Who's been fooling who?

It doesn't matter just who you are,
Or where you're going or been.
Open your eyes and look into your heart.

The whole world is shaking now. Can't you feel it?
A new dawn is breaking now. Can't you see it?
I said see it, yeah, can't you see it?
Can't you see it, yeah, can't you see it?
I can see it, yeah.

Tell the truth. Tell me who's been fooling you
Tell the truth. Who's been fooling who?

Hear what I say, 'cause every word is true.
You know I wouldn't tell you no lies.
Your time's coming, gonna be soon, boy.

Yup, Glenn Beck:
Your time's coming, gonna be soon, boy.

(Creepy) Adventures in TEA PARTY Campaigns: Not OUR Values

Sorry, but this kind of creepy occurs mostly with fringe right wing candidates, i.e., teabaggers. It’s not the first time, either.

Memo to fence-sitting voters: Take this as a caution when you vote in November. Extremism isn’t only a question of distorted ideology but one of psychology (mental illness) as well. They go hand-in-hand.

Not only that, but across the board, TEA PARTY candidates even when not engaging in such extreme behavior, exhibit off-the-mainstream weird views and uncouth, inappropriate conduct. For example, there’s Nevada’s Sharron Angle, whose extremism not-so-miraculously revived Harry Reid’s campaign once Nevadans became acquainted with this nutjob’s ultra right wing views. Then the Alaska Tea Party candidate, Joe Miller, compared incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski to a prostitute, and vowed not to let her “pull an Al Franken.” (Excuse me, Mr. Miller, but Al Franken won his election for Senator from Minnesota, after every single vote was counted, with Republican challenges every step of the way, lasting months.) This extremist has not backed down from claiming Social Security is unconstitutional, nor walked back other extreme positions, opening the door for a Democratic pickup. Since the TEA PARTY wacko won, the Democratic Senate candidate Scott McAdams, a moderate small-town mayor, has caught the interest of Alaskan voters repulsed by Miller’s extremism.

This guy’s the real deal; a small-town, young, articulate, moderate mayor, with brains, substance, and common sense — the anti-Palin:

Memo to Democratic voters: WAKE UP! And realize your inaction in November could hand over one or more branches of our government to an extremist fringe of candidates, the likes of which have not EVER been part of the Republican Party in such numbers. The election of these crazies would deal a SEVERE blow to our democracy; their repudiation by an informed electorate is critical to the health of our political system.

Cruisin' Beck's "Restore Honor" Rally For Gay Sex Hookups

Craigslist provides an invaluable service for secret gay wingnuts, and Wonkette did a thorough job unearthing the conservative secret closet teabag gay sex scandal at the Glenn Beck rally. Hey, if the shoe fits ... per Urban Dictionary definition of “teabagger” —

Here are some sample hookup ads from Craigslist:

restoring honor rally. anyone need head? - 34 (on the grass at Lincoln memorial.)

Sitting on grass waiting for restoring honor rally. Want to do my patriotic duty and blow anyone who needs head. In dark portajohn or in dark area of the park. I’m 34 years old 6’3 tall and 240lbs. Stocky build. This Ad is good until sunrise.
Looking for a fun time with masculine, discreet stud.

White, 5'10, 190, br/bl, hairy chest, masc, 7c, neg, safe.

Visiting for rally? Hot me up.

Can travel or host in Arlington.

Looking for TEA party Patriots - 30 (Dupont Circle)

Hello DC! I’m here for the Glenn Beck rally tomorrow. Looking for fellow travelers to have some fun this weekend and go to the rally at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday. It’s going to be historic! 30 years old, 5’10″ and 145 pounds of lithe, conservative muscle.

In town for the Tea Party rally? Then come get what you REALLY came to DC for.... lean, athletic all American hung to ready to prep you for tomorrow’s rally. You can bend over and thank God! Safe only. Anon ok- DADT. Prefer tight, white, and conservative. Let’s make this weekend one you will remember!

Going to Tea Party Rally - 38 (DC)

Any cool conservative guys going to the rally tomorrow?

No idiot liberals or Democrats need apply!

Obama sucks. Vote GOP in November!

any other tea party guy wanna hang? - 34

GL masc cleancut bi guy in town looking to hang out with similar preppy cleancut dude.

And hetero biracial sex was offered too!:

Glenn Beck--Get Her Some Black Cock Before the Rally - m4mw - 37 (DC)

Conservative women like black cock too. How hot would it be to have her banged by I hot black guy before the rally? Nobody would ever know. Very discrete. Clean, D/D free. Fit, hung, will respect all boundaries. Let’s play. Very real here. Please put “Sarah Likes It” in the subject so I know you’re real. Can share pics and contact info.

Hopefully none of the discreet encounters took place in this contraption.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The Gospel According to Beck gets nothing right about the ‘KNOW-NOTHINGS’ and mangles history of the Washington Monument, while hosting Catholic hater Pastor John Hagee, who claims the Catholic Church is demonic and the religion is a “whore.”

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Seen at Glenn Beck Lincoln Memorial Rally

Where’s “Mauitania”— somewhere between this teabagger’s anus and scrotum?

What President Obama Should Have Said to Brian Williams If He Could Rewind the Interview

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Even a number as sizeable as this — what does it say to you? Does it say anything about your communications or the effectiveness of your opponents to —

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, look, Brian, I — I would say that I can't spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead. (LAUGHS) It — it is what — the facts are the facts. And so, it's not something that I can I think spend all my time worrying about. And I don't think the American people want me to spend all my time worrying about it.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: What does it say to you that Glenn Beck was able to draw a crowd of perhaps north of 300,000 people on the anniversary of Dr. King's speech, on the site of Dr. King's speech? Message appeared to be, at times, anti-government, anti-spread of government. Anti-Obama administration. And in favor of — I guess — re-injecting God into both politics and the American discourse.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I have to say, I — I did not watch the rally. I think that one of the wonderful things about this country is that at any given moment any group of people can decide, you know, “We want to — our voices heard.” And — and so, I think that Mr. Beck and the rest of those folks were exercising their rights under our Constitution exactly as they should.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


PRESIDENT OBAMA: [However, when Mr. Beck attacks my family; that’s crossing a line. When he lies about my religion and concocts fantasies connecting me to so-called ‘liberation theology’ without a single shred of evidence, credible or otherwise, because it’s not something that was ever a part of my life or religious belief, that is irresponsible. Mr. Beck owes me — and the American people — an apology, not only for calling me a racist, which is absurd on its face, but for the daily, irresponsible lies he says about me that disrespect the office of president, and most of all for attacking my family. That’s completely out of bounds, and I’m surprised his employer Fox has not disciplined him. Correct that: I’m not that surprised. After all, Rupert Murdoch donated $1 million to the Republican Party in an election year. That’s unprecedented for a so-called “news” organization, so I have instructed Gibbs to revoke Fox’s White House reporting privileges. (Don’t ever complain I won’t give you an exclusive and a scoop, Brian.)

Let me be clear, Brian. I’m not picking a fight with a news organization. I hope you and your colleagues, who operate under widely accepted professional standards of journalism understand this. Fox (I won’t even call them “News”) has violated those standards, and they have become the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. In an election year, when the stakes are so high for our country, that kind of reckless and irresponsible conduct by a news organization is unacceptable. This does not mean Fox cannot continue to broadcast nor that we are ‘pulling a Dr. Laura’ on them, which is the first thing they’ll whine about. And look, I realize this will probably increase their ratings. But I am calling them out. I demand an apology from Mr. Murdoch, and from every Fox employee with a camera and a microphone who has lied about me and our record; we have the video and the facts to prove it. I hope Mr. Beck and the others are sanctioned. Including all of right wing talk radio — Limbaugh, Savage, those hate merchants who traffic in lies and inciting violence against innocent people. And I expect you (POINTING AT WILLIAMS) to follow up.

You know, Brian. You cant yell ‘FIRE’! in a crowded theater and expect your 1st Amendment rights to be protected. That sort of thing is a crime, and it’s incumbent on you and the responsible media, liberal or conservative, to police these excesses and report the truth. By the way, Mr. Murdoch, Beck, Limbaugh, and Fox should know that the Justice Department and the Secret Service are monitoring what they say daily to make sure no laws are being violated, including hate crime statutes. I am especially concerned about the incitement to violence, which incidentally, is sanctioned by some Republicans, and we’ve seen a rise in violence against innocent Americans of the Islamic faith. I will not tolerate us going back to the days of Jim Crow violence because of the irresponsibility of the few and the inaction of others. I expect you and your colleagues to do your jobs, Mr. Williams.]

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “Speaking of size, Brian … I was told the crowd at Beck’s rally was 87,000, according to CBS, and not the 300,000 you reported. You know, some of those folks looked pretty hefty and comfortable to me, with their government Social Security and Medicare entitlements — not like a bunch of skinny poor folks at all. Once you throw in the picnic basket, the ribs, chicken and beer, why, one could easily pass for three. (LAUGHS) That’s the problem with counting gatherings of comfortable people; there’s always a tendency to overcount. I think the polls reflect that, too.

Oh, and Ax told me Chris Matthews had this caption, “Size Matters” (CHUCKLES), was that an ‘inside baseball’ joke? You know, what they say about the brothers, THAT’S A MYTH, man! Brian, are you really that insecure?” (PRESIDENT LAUGHS HEARTILY.)


RHAM EMANUEL: (OFF-CAMERA) “Yo Brian! Is it true they call you fucking ‘Ken’? Who’s Barbie?” (LAUGHS ALL AROUND; Robert Gibbs is seen shaking his shoulders, trying to suppress a snicker.)



Pretty Nice Digs For A (M…?)

When President Obama addresses the nation tonight it will be from a redecorated Oval Office. Before the right wing Chihuahuas start bitching about the presumed extravagance, it should be noted that this redecoration did not cost the taxpayers one penny. It was funded by the nonprofit White House Historical Association, with private contributions. Also, it is customary for presidents to redecorate the Oval Office, as Obama’s two predecessors have done. The most compelling reason, though, is to rid the room of the bad Bush Karma that lingered in the upholstery which accommodated Cheney’s and Bush’s and Rumsfeld’s asses, to name a few, the sunburst yellow carpet designed by Laura Bush that was gaudy Texas kitsch, and the drapery that loomed over Bush as he signed off on American citizens’ civil rights and a catastrophic (for the country) transfer of wealth from the middle class to the richest two percent.

The redesign should have been done from the very beginning to rid the space of negative energy left behind from the disastrous Bush presidency. Funny, there are portraits of George Washington and Lincoln, but none of the prophet Muhammad. There’s the presidential seal, but no Islamic crescent. The place looks so American, Lincolnian even, in its dark wood and earth tones. Hmm … not even a foreign French designer’s touch? Strange. Even the quotations adorning the new presidential rug are from great, patriotic Americans:
  • “The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • “The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Towards Justice” – Martin Luther King Jr.
  • “Government of the People, By the People, For the People” – President Abraham Lincoln
  • “No Problem of Human Destiny Is Beyond Human Beings” – President John F. Kennedy
  • “The Welfare of Each of Us Is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us” – President Theodore Roosevelt
But fear not, teabagging sheep. Glenn Beck will surely enlist the expert assistance of the NASA photo analyst who discovered Big Foot wandering about on the planet Mars, for hidden photographic clues to President Obama’s otherness. Go for it, sickos!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beck-A-Loser Rally

Monday School With Mike Malloy: Glenn Beck Is a "Scumsucking Punk & Piece of Human Waste"