Thursday, September 02, 2010

Young Turk Cenk Uygur Rips Into Repugs On Social Security

I LOVE this guy! Pay attention WIMPY Democrats, as Cenk Uygur comes out swinging and gives you a clinic, a veritable roadmap, on how to combat the Repugnant schemes to cut Social Security. Watch and LEARN, Democratic officeholders:

Hmm ... If the two major cable public affairs players, MSNBC and Fox — the first, news and progressive commentary; and the other, propaganda and right wing lies — were like professional baseball teams, I would propose a trade:

DYLAN RATIGAN, currently an awful mismatch at MSNBC for Shep Smith, one of the few honest journalists at Fox with a liberal bleeding heart. Let’s face it: Ratigan is a perfect fit for Fox. Formerly of CNBC — stands for Crazies at NBC — infamous for sheltering the wingnut who coined the phrase “TEA PARTY” as well as a hideous woman whose idea of financial reporting is showing lots of cleavage and (botox or collagen?) puff lips, Ratigan seems to live up to the billing.

What this dude is doing on MSNBC’s lineup is anyone’s guess though he is clearly a conservative mole — Ratigan cannot let it rip against the Dems, so he uses the euphemistic “politicians” to rip the Dems (doh - they’re the governing party) under the pretext that both sides are equally to blame — which is a false premise. This is typical libertarian “third way” nihilism, which aims to create maximum destruction of our body politic as they prepare to build the Ayn Rand utopia from the wreckage. In specific policy terms, it means total destruction of universal healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, all entitlements, and a radical noninterventionist foreign policy that even the most dovish of progressives would consider irresponsible. Dylan is on record as endorsing Paul Ryan’s slash-and-burn Randian plan.

So why not send Ratigan to Fox, where he can be himself, hang out with his “Young Guns” buddies and openly blast Democrats, in exchange for Shep, who will be given a Senior News Editor (or somesuch head honcho) title, with carte blanche to straighten out the news division? And promote Cenk to Ratigan’s time slot! One last thing, re: specified cash considerations — Insist that Rupert Murdoch write a $1 million check made out to the DNC.

It would be a WIN-WIN!

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rishigajria said...

I disagree, Dylan Ratigan is growing into his role at MSNBC. Even though Shep Smith would be an excellent addition to the MSNBC lineup. But I wonder what time slot they could put him in. Dylan could play it even better by identifying his libertarian credentials in his show title. That would provide the right kind of context. I feel that Fox is unsuitable for any libertarian.