Wednesday, September 01, 2010

(Creepy) Adventures in TEA PARTY Campaigns: Not OUR Values

Sorry, but this kind of creepy occurs mostly with fringe right wing candidates, i.e., teabaggers. It’s not the first time, either.

Memo to fence-sitting voters: Take this as a caution when you vote in November. Extremism isn’t only a question of distorted ideology but one of psychology (mental illness) as well. They go hand-in-hand.

Not only that, but across the board, TEA PARTY candidates even when not engaging in such extreme behavior, exhibit off-the-mainstream weird views and uncouth, inappropriate conduct. For example, there’s Nevada’s Sharron Angle, whose extremism not-so-miraculously revived Harry Reid’s campaign once Nevadans became acquainted with this nutjob’s ultra right wing views. Then the Alaska Tea Party candidate, Joe Miller, compared incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski to a prostitute, and vowed not to let her “pull an Al Franken.” (Excuse me, Mr. Miller, but Al Franken won his election for Senator from Minnesota, after every single vote was counted, with Republican challenges every step of the way, lasting months.) This extremist has not backed down from claiming Social Security is unconstitutional, nor walked back other extreme positions, opening the door for a Democratic pickup. Since the TEA PARTY wacko won, the Democratic Senate candidate Scott McAdams, a moderate small-town mayor, has caught the interest of Alaskan voters repulsed by Miller’s extremism.

This guy’s the real deal; a small-town, young, articulate, moderate mayor, with brains, substance, and common sense — the anti-Palin:

Memo to Democratic voters: WAKE UP! And realize your inaction in November could hand over one or more branches of our government to an extremist fringe of candidates, the likes of which have not EVER been part of the Republican Party in such numbers. The election of these crazies would deal a SEVERE blow to our democracy; their repudiation by an informed electorate is critical to the health of our political system.

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