Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carnival Barkers Take Exception To President's Remarks! ~ LOL

For real! When President Obama referred to the fringe wingnuts pursuing 'Birtherism' as "carnival barkers" (Trump, Beck, Limbaugh, Orly the 'Birther Queen', et al) and making stuff up about him in their "sideshow," many in the carnival community were "extremely upset by the reference" ...

Ragin' Larry-O Kicks Birther Madwoman Orly Taitz Off His Show

This is what I call must-see TV, people. After tearing into NBC management for being complicit in Donald Trump's hideous racist attacks on President Obama, its failure to disclose that Trump's show is renewed for another season and that he will remain an NBC employee, the fiery Lawrence O'Donnell kicked madwoman Orly Taitz, the 'Queen of Birtherism', off his show when she refused to apologize to the President and was unresponsive to the evidence of the President's newly-released 'long' form Certificate of Live Birth issued by the state of Hawaii.

Here are those fierce video segments. I would imagine those Hollywood-y NBC Entertainment Division execs in Burbank CA, the same building, apparently, from which Lawrence's show originates, are giving him a wide berth right about now, especially the "unnamed source" who told the New York Times, dismissively, "this is Donald being Donald." Really, you little weasel? Then why don't you be a MAN (assuming — it sounds like the coarse, insensitive thing a male corporatist would say) and identify yourself? Memo to Stephanie Miller (who promised Lawrence her sacred honor after his rage against lax gun laws) and her girlfriends: Try to control yourselves, ladies. We need Lawrence in tip-top condition to keep up his red-hot streak!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Was Thinking About This, Too ...

If it has a shred of decency and sense of ethics, NBC management should cancel Celebrity Apprentice outright. Either that or, in a splendid display of irony, FIRE Donald Trump. That's what historian Douglas Brinkley hopes would happen in an ideal world, as would most of us who take offense at Trump's vulgar racism, but at the same time do not watch his NBC show.

Brinkley's voice carries weight. But it may not be enough. It appears NBC will re-sign its cash cow employee. The suits might even be privately chuckling over all the free publicity Trump is generating for their show. Good, bad, controversial, offensive, or indifferent, most of it is good for NBC's bottom line. Whatever boundaries exist for Trump, apparently he hasn't crossed them, in NBC management's judgment. Besides, only Paul Ryan believes corporations are ethical and moral.

Which leaves it up to us. Progressives should start an internet petition drive to get Donald Trump off the air and target the show's advertisers for boycotts and negative publicity. It worked on Beck, and should be done to Trump. It's the only way to keep the airwaves clear of liars, racists and carnival barkers.

Tea Party Remedial Education: Here's your CERTIFICATE OF RACISM

Are you satisfied now, RACIST Teabaggers?

Of course not; the next INSANE RACIST CONSPIRACY you'll concoct, naturally, is that this is a fraudulent document, a forgery. Let me help you: The Governor of Hawaii is a Democrat, a sinister FOO FIGHTER — no, not the band ... "FRIEND OF OBAMA." The FOO FIGHTERS are a secret society dedicated to preserving, promoting, and protecting the Obama presidency. Their ultimate aim is ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. How do I know this? I just made it up, on the spur of the moment.

The so-called "short" certificate of live birth is what the state of Hawaii recognizes as the dispositive legal document, acceptable as a valid birth certificate. State law does not permit release of the long document, so an exception had to be made for the President. In short, no pun intended, this is what the black guy who happens to be President of the United States is compelled to release to tamp down the hysterical 'Birtherism' feeding frenzy generated by his carnival barker Trump card, who said he was "honored to play such a big role in hopefully getting rid of this issue."

You see, Teabaggers, your limited intelligence and limitless racism weaves ever more insane conspiracies surrounding the President's birth-RIGHT — being the son of an African man the President cannot possibly be an American, as you are incapable of looking past the President's skin tone. So conjuring up a conspiracy du jour takes, literally, seconds. It all depends on how fast you can type. Then, for the conspiracists to profit (make money) from it, there's the slick marketing, packaging, and selling of the conspiracy to ignorant racist Teabaggers waiting with their Social Security dollars to be fed at the conspiracy trough.

The conspiracy's biggest beneficiaries are the "carnival barkers" as the President calls them, the Donald Trump "sideshow," wingnut media, Fox, and Glenn Beck. It's not hard to discern what Trump's end game is in all of this, besides smearing the President's name with racist charges and baseless innuendo: Money, lots of free publicity, and name notoriety on steroids. Clearly, this weird fish-lips maggot with the hair wrap nest on his head thinks he can profit financially by dragging his fake presidential campaign, President Obama, and the nation through the mud.

President Obama said, "We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We've got better stuff to do. I've got better stuff to do. We've got big problems to solve." He's right, of course. But he ought to acknowledge it for what it is: RACISM. And those who are peddling this "silliness"— and believe it — are RACISTS. Which is a sad commentary on our nation. The ultimate carnival barker, P.T. Barnum, said "there's a sucker born every minute." (It's possible he might not have said it, which fits with the conspiracy.) Politically, who benefits? Answer: the President. Fire up those pea brain synapses, Teabaggers. Figure it out. SUCKERS.

Tea Party Remedial Education: How To Fix Our Economy

Since a sizable portion of Teabaggers get their "news" from Beck's Satanic Wee-Jee Board, maybe, just maybe this approach with blackboard and lots of pictures might awaken their dormant brain synapses. Thinking is good for the soul,  promotes good health; critical thinking is the first step toward deserting the armies of the Tea Party damned:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Daily Caller's Exquisite Timing: Trump Was RIGHT About One Thing ...

I haven't posted in a while about our favorite wingnut rag, The Daily Caller. It wasn't an oversight, dudes, just busy and the need to prioritize. Well, I couldn't pass up this gem of a hit piece on Donald Trump — nothing untoward, but it's fascinating to see wingnut media mobilize to stop him by posting items they believe will turn Trump-loving Teabaggers into Trump-loathing Republicans.

As usual with the frat house Wingnut Hive over at DC, their timing is exquisite ... for all the wrong reasons. Ford posted its most profitable quarter since 1998 and avoided a similar fate as GM and Chrysler only because it had borrowed $23 billion in 2006 to leverage prior years' losses and revamp its operations. If not for this fortuitous timing in the borrowing cycle, Ford would have been in the same precarious position as the other two when the economy collapsed in 2007. Ford benefited, along with its co-dependent Big Two of three, from government stimulus to sales in 2009. It should not escape notice that Democratic presidents presided over Ford's two most profitable quarters in 13 years.

From the wingnut perspective, I suppose it's perfectly appropriate to say how awful and terrible and horrifying Trump was to have supported the Detroit auto industry "bailout." After all, Liberals hailed it as the necessary intervention enlightened nations will carry out as a matter of economic national security — "bailout" is a misnomer, they were loans; GM has paid back its loan years ahead of schedule, and Chrysler, the more troubled of the two, is well on its way back to profitability, this year. The so-called "bailout" was an interventionist "big government" success story. Indeed, as has been amply demonstrated, the Democratic Party is good for American industry and economic prosperity. Why do people keep voting against their own best interests; and the national interest?!

Let the American auto industry DIE, the Teabaggers screeched. Who could ever forget their vociferous anti-Americanism. Yet, like the broken clock that's right two times a day, their champion Donald Trump was right about supporting the Detroit "bailout." Dig this kickass Super Bowl ad from Chrysler and Eminem:

Let the American auto industry DIE?
Only fools and traitors, like the Teabaggers and their corporate MASTERS would countenance it — those for whom chasing the investment dollar profit all over the world and the capitalization of industry knows no borders or consideration of the devastating economic impact to the homeland.

One word: China. Those of U.S. citizenship who would allow the crown jewels of American industrial might to collapse, victims of the Tea Party funders' transnational greed, are the basest of ideological traitors. Patriot is just another word for Liberal. I, for one, am not willing to see our country fall to China as the world's no. 2 economy by 2016. Not without a fight. And not without protecting the foundation of our industrial might. Are you?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lawrence Takes Rush Down: “What Would Jesus Take?”

Rush Limbaugh, who doesn’t know anything about religion much less the New Testament, had the blasphemous audacity to reinterpret the words of Christ after his own pig-like image. This small, rotund pigman, with the carney crier’s megaphone and the fat wallet decided he would dispel the liberal (writ large) teachings of Jesus Christ, because nothing is out of bounds for his outsized, warped ego.

From a dispassionate professional’s standpoint, Rush should have heeded the old courtroom truism: never ask a question for which you do not know the answer. Instead, the pigman in his infinite vanity was outrageously presumptuous to assume he knew what Jesus would say, without having ever taken the time to find the answer to his rhetorical question in the New Testament.

In response, Lawrence O’Donnell, in his finest (or, should I say, my favorite) “Rewrite” segment to date, took Limbaugh to Sunday School on the teachings of Christ. It was a magnificent and necessary putdown of the radio airwaves’ most despicable polluter. Unlike Limbaugh, who is the very embodiment of the guttersnipe, Lawrence does his job reporting on politics with great honor and decency.

I’ve often said to my Irish friends that I consider them to be the Europeans most like Latinos in temperament and character. Like us, they carry their emotions on their sleeves; they’re passionate about life and, like the best among us, honest, generous and chivalrous, to a fault.

Lawrence O’Donnell is a good Irishman.

This Is What Democrats Hitting Back At The RATBASTARD Republicans Looks Like!

Dedicated to the ignorant old woman at the Cong. Ryan event, drinking the Paul Ryan Kool-Aid:

"Oh, Paul ... Oh Paul, Oh Paul ... Say it ain't so, Paulie?"

Sign the petition to stop benefits cuts here.

Quotable: Richard Engel of MSNBC, From Benghazi, Lybia

"You have to be one unpopular world leader to have the Norwegians attacking you." 
- On the attack on Khaddafi's compound by two Norwegian Air Force F-16s. 

 I'd be interested to see what these Norwegian fighter jocks flying for NATO look like. Could this be the first combat operations Norwegians have participated in since World War II? Norwegians are tough dudes; they used to be the Vikings who kicked British butt way before there was an empire.

Moron Joe Watch: MSNBC Six-Percenters Head For London Town

Six percent of the American people care about the British royal wedding between the prince who is probably Charles's biological son and the lady commoner, according to a poll. The other 94 percent of us couldn't care less.

So where are MSNBC's six-percenters — as in what percentage of MSNBC employees are weird ideological hybrids considered "libertarians" — reporting from this week? You guessed it, London. I've got to hand it to the "Lean Forward" crowd. I've never had better laugh-out-loud moments than when their promo for Moron Joe pops up. Can you really see Moron Joe, Classy Mika, Willie The Wingnut, Pat the grizzled old nativist, and Mike Barnacles as ... "revolutionary"?

For those of you who actually tune into Moron Joe, here are some highlights to look forward to:
  • A Moron Joe disquisition on the "thinning out the herd" wingnut argument for the superiority of the U.S. private healthcare system and its failure to insure between a quarter and one-third millions of Americans versus the "socialist" British model, that insures covers everyone.
  • Try to guess who will make the first sexist remark, between Moron Joe, Mike Barnacles, Old Man Pat, Willie The Wingnut, or some outside guest. Tough call. Moron Joe or Barnacles might slip up. Most likely, though, they'll evade direct responsibility by allowing some male wingnut guest to make the off-color sexist comment, with a lot of guffaws, a roll of the eyes from Mika, and Moron Joe saying something like, "we can't have any of that..." wink, wink. And:
  • My personal favorite: Old Man Pat The Nativist leans into the camera with the wild eyes of the zealot, and rips into a rant — the topic of one of his recent books — that the British Empire should have joined forces with Nazi Germany during World War II to defeat the Soviet Union. This is Pat's "solution" for the nettlesome problem of non-European ethnics, Latinos primarily, diluting America's gene pool and potential for future exceptionalism.