Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Was Thinking About This, Too ...

If it has a shred of decency and sense of ethics, NBC management should cancel Celebrity Apprentice outright. Either that or, in a splendid display of irony, FIRE Donald Trump. That's what historian Douglas Brinkley hopes would happen in an ideal world, as would most of us who take offense at Trump's vulgar racism, but at the same time do not watch his NBC show.

Brinkley's voice carries weight. But it may not be enough. It appears NBC will re-sign its cash cow employee. The suits might even be privately chuckling over all the free publicity Trump is generating for their show. Good, bad, controversial, offensive, or indifferent, most of it is good for NBC's bottom line. Whatever boundaries exist for Trump, apparently he hasn't crossed them, in NBC management's judgment. Besides, only Paul Ryan believes corporations are ethical and moral.

Which leaves it up to us. Progressives should start an internet petition drive to get Donald Trump off the air and target the show's advertisers for boycotts and negative publicity. It worked on Beck, and should be done to Trump. It's the only way to keep the airwaves clear of liars, racists and carnival barkers.

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