Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Daily Caller's Exquisite Timing: Trump Was RIGHT About One Thing ...

I haven't posted in a while about our favorite wingnut rag, The Daily Caller. It wasn't an oversight, dudes, just busy and the need to prioritize. Well, I couldn't pass up this gem of a hit piece on Donald Trump — nothing untoward, but it's fascinating to see wingnut media mobilize to stop him by posting items they believe will turn Trump-loving Teabaggers into Trump-loathing Republicans.

As usual with the frat house Wingnut Hive over at DC, their timing is exquisite ... for all the wrong reasons. Ford posted its most profitable quarter since 1998 and avoided a similar fate as GM and Chrysler only because it had borrowed $23 billion in 2006 to leverage prior years' losses and revamp its operations. If not for this fortuitous timing in the borrowing cycle, Ford would have been in the same precarious position as the other two when the economy collapsed in 2007. Ford benefited, along with its co-dependent Big Two of three, from government stimulus to sales in 2009. It should not escape notice that Democratic presidents presided over Ford's two most profitable quarters in 13 years.

From the wingnut perspective, I suppose it's perfectly appropriate to say how awful and terrible and horrifying Trump was to have supported the Detroit auto industry "bailout." After all, Liberals hailed it as the necessary intervention enlightened nations will carry out as a matter of economic national security — "bailout" is a misnomer, they were loans; GM has paid back its loan years ahead of schedule, and Chrysler, the more troubled of the two, is well on its way back to profitability, this year. The so-called "bailout" was an interventionist "big government" success story. Indeed, as has been amply demonstrated, the Democratic Party is good for American industry and economic prosperity. Why do people keep voting against their own best interests; and the national interest?!

Let the American auto industry DIE, the Teabaggers screeched. Who could ever forget their vociferous anti-Americanism. Yet, like the broken clock that's right two times a day, their champion Donald Trump was right about supporting the Detroit "bailout." Dig this kickass Super Bowl ad from Chrysler and Eminem:

Let the American auto industry DIE?
Only fools and traitors, like the Teabaggers and their corporate MASTERS would countenance it — those for whom chasing the investment dollar profit all over the world and the capitalization of industry knows no borders or consideration of the devastating economic impact to the homeland.

One word: China. Those of U.S. citizenship who would allow the crown jewels of American industrial might to collapse, victims of the Tea Party funders' transnational greed, are the basest of ideological traitors. Patriot is just another word for Liberal. I, for one, am not willing to see our country fall to China as the world's no. 2 economy by 2016. Not without a fight. And not without protecting the foundation of our industrial might. Are you?

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