Monday, April 25, 2011

Moron Joe Watch: MSNBC Six-Percenters Head For London Town

Six percent of the American people care about the British royal wedding between the prince who is probably Charles's biological son and the lady commoner, according to a poll. The other 94 percent of us couldn't care less.

So where are MSNBC's six-percenters — as in what percentage of MSNBC employees are weird ideological hybrids considered "libertarians" — reporting from this week? You guessed it, London. I've got to hand it to the "Lean Forward" crowd. I've never had better laugh-out-loud moments than when their promo for Moron Joe pops up. Can you really see Moron Joe, Classy Mika, Willie The Wingnut, Pat the grizzled old nativist, and Mike Barnacles as ... "revolutionary"?

For those of you who actually tune into Moron Joe, here are some highlights to look forward to:
  • A Moron Joe disquisition on the "thinning out the herd" wingnut argument for the superiority of the U.S. private healthcare system and its failure to insure between a quarter and one-third millions of Americans versus the "socialist" British model, that insures covers everyone.
  • Try to guess who will make the first sexist remark, between Moron Joe, Mike Barnacles, Old Man Pat, Willie The Wingnut, or some outside guest. Tough call. Moron Joe or Barnacles might slip up. Most likely, though, they'll evade direct responsibility by allowing some male wingnut guest to make the off-color sexist comment, with a lot of guffaws, a roll of the eyes from Mika, and Moron Joe saying something like, "we can't have any of that..." wink, wink. And:
  • My personal favorite: Old Man Pat The Nativist leans into the camera with the wild eyes of the zealot, and rips into a rant — the topic of one of his recent books — that the British Empire should have joined forces with Nazi Germany during World War II to defeat the Soviet Union. This is Pat's "solution" for the nettlesome problem of non-European ethnics, Latinos primarily, diluting America's gene pool and potential for future exceptionalism. 

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