Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wow, they're stupid

Ari Fleischer, back from the dead to be an idiot: "That’s like saying we never should have gone into Germany cause after all it’s just the Japanese who attacked at Pearl Harbor."

We've been here before

As per the post below, see this one.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A sign that he, as usual, has exactly zero idea what the hell is going on

Headline: "Bush will invoke Vietnam in support of Iraq plans"

Sure, because if I'm going to say - hey, we need to do X because of Y, I'm going to make sure that Y is the biggest failure I can get my hands on. Of course, he'll just feed on the neocon delusion that the only thing wrong with the Vietnam War was that the damned dirty hippies made the good, red-blooded Americans stop before they were done kicking yellow tail. It's sad, too, the way the entire Asian continent went communist the day the war ended, but those of us who hate America and want the terrorists to win know that was for the best.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On immigration

They deported Elvira. Finally. And I say, nice job.

Elvira Arellano-an illegal immigrant who claimed "sanctuary" in a north side church, and had been there for over a year. The "minister" of this church was an "activist" with somehat of a shady background, "Slim" Coleman.

She lived in the church for a year, claiming "sanctuary" and generally making a scene, exploting and not educating her young son, who was born here. She was arrested and deported after leaving the church to attend an LA rally.

First of all, she was not your typical illegal immigrant. She had committed a crime (forged documents) and actively sought out the press. She used her young son as a prop while failing to be a parent to him. She openly defied law enforcement, and I say good riddance.

On that note, I once again posit the question of what is the purpose of our immigration laws? Assume two young men. Both are skilled contractors and garage door installers. Both are fluent in English and have achieved the same level of education. Anders, from Copenhagen, can be here in six months. Pedro, from Guadalajara, gets in the back of a line that begins in 1994.

Does that make sense?

Cheney Version 1.0

I apologize for my absence. BURIED at work and the home wireless has been a bit fussy....

You all know by now of the 1994 version of Dick Cheney, where he as the ex-Secretary of Defense said all the bad things that would happen from going into Iraq, and said the "quagmire" word.

My response is--"Well duh." Cheney was reciting what any college sophomore who had taken a Middle Eastern history class would spit back as the first grossly obvious paragraph in a blue book exam.

But what changed? Certainly not what Dick Cheney knew about the Middle East--I doubt that had changed since birth. No, what changed, as Der Chimpenfuher inartfully puts it, September the 11th.

Cheney 1994? He still considered himself to be a potential 1996 GOP candidate, so of course he was mouthing the centrist line. centrist why? He WANTED this mid-east adventure, he just knew he couldn't sell it. His 1994 piece wasn't hypocrisy, it was A LIE. Then comes gift-wrapped some hijacked planes (comspiracy theories for another time) and frustrated Mr. Potter gets the presidency he feels he deserves. He can now sell the war he always wanted to a stupid frightened nation. He was able to sell it, and millions bought it.