Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A sign that he, as usual, has exactly zero idea what the hell is going on

Headline: "Bush will invoke Vietnam in support of Iraq plans"

Sure, because if I'm going to say - hey, we need to do X because of Y, I'm going to make sure that Y is the biggest failure I can get my hands on. Of course, he'll just feed on the neocon delusion that the only thing wrong with the Vietnam War was that the damned dirty hippies made the good, red-blooded Americans stop before they were done kicking yellow tail. It's sad, too, the way the entire Asian continent went communist the day the war ended, but those of us who hate America and want the terrorists to win know that was for the best.


jimbow8 said...

Bush previously on making the comparison to Vietnam (April 2004): "I think the analogy is false. I also happen to think that analogy is, uhh ... sends the wrong message to our troops , and sends the wrong message to the enemy."

jimbow8 said...

Now I can see how the analogy may have at some point become better, but how can it now suddenly NOT send the wrong message to our troops and the enemy (by his logic)?

I'm Not Ned said...

The analogy is simple: Both wars were plagued by a terrible understanding of the situation and suffered from bad decisions at the top.