Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cheney Version 1.0

I apologize for my absence. BURIED at work and the home wireless has been a bit fussy....

You all know by now of the 1994 version of Dick Cheney, where he as the ex-Secretary of Defense said all the bad things that would happen from going into Iraq, and said the "quagmire" word.

My response is--"Well duh." Cheney was reciting what any college sophomore who had taken a Middle Eastern history class would spit back as the first grossly obvious paragraph in a blue book exam.

But what changed? Certainly not what Dick Cheney knew about the Middle East--I doubt that had changed since birth. No, what changed, as Der Chimpenfuher inartfully puts it, September the 11th.

Cheney 1994? He still considered himself to be a potential 1996 GOP candidate, so of course he was mouthing the centrist line. centrist why? He WANTED this mid-east adventure, he just knew he couldn't sell it. His 1994 piece wasn't hypocrisy, it was A LIE. Then comes gift-wrapped some hijacked planes (comspiracy theories for another time) and frustrated Mr. Potter gets the presidency he feels he deserves. He can now sell the war he always wanted to a stupid frightened nation. He was able to sell it, and millions bought it.


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I'm Not Ned said...

Hmm, interesting take on it.

I don't think his 1994 comments were anything but what he believed at the time, and probably still believes to this day.

I think the main difference is the Rove/Bush/"Christian"-apocalypse influence. I'm under the impression that the Christian Right (however wrong they are) has pushed this holy war via Bush and his cronies and Cheney is only along for the corporate gain via Halliburton et al.

Think about it. He's a political "almost was" and he's got the ticker of a 200 year old sausage stuffer. He wants a few years of gluttony and he knows where to get it.