Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't go away mad

Just go away, Senator Clinton. Stop it with the random attacks on Senator Obama - you've tried everything, and you look pathetic and desperate. Let's say something works, and you manage to drag things out until August ('cuz you ain't winnin' afore then). Doesn't that sound like a grand time - 6 months of ugly attacks by Democrats on each other? And stop it with trying to change the rules midstream. Right or wrong, everyone involved had the chance to know the rules beforehand, and if your campaign was dumb enough to not learn how things work in caucuses, or in Texas, or in any of the roughly half of the country Senator Obama has already won, that's your own damned problem. Don't sue. You'll win or lose, but do so on the merits of your candidacy, and within the rules. Republicans break the rules to win at all costs, and we all know how that's turned out.

Just Think of the Possibilities!!

Yes, this is a real Playmobil item.
It is so popular that is completely out of stock. I'm not sure if I'm more frightened than amused by this. On the one hand, the people who would most likely purchase this for their kids are the ones whose politics which be most offended by the message being sent. On the other hand, I would have loved to have been sitting in the corporate boardroom when the braintrust at Playmobil gave this the green light. I wonder if they have plans to sell accessories. I can see the need to add a security perimeter. Perhaps an armed federal marshal? I understand that the optional commercial version of the Boeing 737 can be converted to a CIA rendition plane with a few contact stickers...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How does he hide this on his resume?

We here in Chicago are used to signing high-priced free agents who fail to deliver between the lines, but were any of our many failures bigger flops than Mark Penn, the "genius" behind HRC's campaign? It is absolutely staggering what a bad job this campaign has done.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quote of the day

The "before the opening credits quote" from tonight's "The Wire":

"A lie ain't a side of a story. It's just a lie."

I wonder if anyone has ever let the national media know this.

From "The Hill"

Hillary Clinton Should Withdraw (Brent Budowsky)

The most likely outcome is that on March 5 Hillary Clinton withdraws from the presidential campaign and endorses Barack Obama. At this moment, Sen. Clinton (N.Y.) has three options, two of which are acceptable, one of which would be disastrous for her and the Democratic Party.
In my view she should withdraw today, though she won’t. Her second option is to campaign through March 4 at least but suspend all negative attacks and whatever happens, do it with class and grace as a unifier.

Her third option is to continue and escalate the negative attacks in a wrecking-ball, demolition-derby, scorched-earth desperation play that will be rejected by voters and do permanent damage to her national stature.

Two facts are obvious. First, she cannot be nominated at a price worth the nomination. If she pursues the desperation strategy, it will be rejected by voters as her attacks were rejected in South Carolina, Wisconsin and nationally. Such a strategy would drive superdelegates to stampede to Sen. Obama (Ill.) and would be viewed as a direct attack on the prospects of the Democratic Party and on the aspirations of political independents that would make her nomination both impossible and worthless.

The worst case for Sen. Clinton is not that she loses the nomination, which is close to inevitable today, but that she loses in a way where she is seen as a destructive and divisive force that leaves large numbers of a generation of young people largely angry and bitter towards her for the rest of her career. The second fact is equally clear. Contrary to myths propagated by the pundits in the media and their embarrassing misreading of the history of our times, neither the voters nor the superdelegates want any part of any effort to steal the nomination, corrupt the democratic process of the Democratic Party or continue the politics of demeaning that the Clinton campaign has sadly trafficked in this year.

In the end, the superdelegates would never have considered violating and abusing the trust of the people who voted in primaries and caucuses. Equally ridiculous and offensive, the chance that Hillary Clinton could steal the support of elected pledged delegates is mathematically zero. The very notion that the Clinton staff would even consider this shows how far from the reality of 2008 the Clintons and their staff have been with tactics that have been a $150 million fiasco of division, mismanagement and self-destruction.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a good person, a good senator and a good public servant who has many years left in a career that could well ultimately lead to the presidency. She and her campaign have done some very bad things, in a very bad way, with very bad results.

It is time to begin a serious discussion of her upcoming withdrawal, and hope as Democrats and Americans that in the closing days of her campaign she acts as a healer and unifier who does credit to herself and a service to our party and our country.