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BEFORE YOU START TRADING BACK-SLAPS for getting Mitt Romney to revisit his INCOME TAX disclosure issue, between quickie WANKS to pics of Paulie 'blue eyes' on your iPads (I don't see it; he looks like one UGLY, cruel slit-mouthed white boy to me, but obviously the verbal etc. masturbators think different) — HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK WE, THE PUBLIC CONSUMERS OF YOUR GARBITCH ARE?!

Do you think we really wouldn't notice (A) Mitt and Ann Romney's LEGALISTIC dodge by saying, as Mitt Romney has, incessantly, to 'TRUST ME', he's paid at least 13% all these years he's NOT DISCLOSING to the American people, which is an awfully LOW RATE as it is, and should have triggered IMMEDIATE pushback and skepticism from the Media; along with (B) THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION THAT REMAINS UNASKED: "Mr. Romney, please define your terms and be specific: When you say 'TAXES' do you mean 'FEDERAL INCOME TAXES' or 'STATE INCOME TAXES' or 'PROPERTY TAXES'  or 'LOCAL, SALES TAXES'? And why do you insist on ADDING your charitable contributions, when normal Americans report charitable contributions as DEDUCTIONS in their federal income tax returns?!

Which brings up another question (C): Define "charitable contributions," because such contributions to the MEGA-RICH, MEGA-SECRETIVE, MEGA-WEIRD Church of Latter Day Saints DO NOT APPLY!  EXAMPLE: Native Americans are a "lost tribe of Israel" — was that before or after DNA testing? — and god lives on a planet named Kolob ... YEAH, UH-HUH, RIGHT.

 And this really REALLY WEIRD pathological liar says, "TRUST ME, I'm ABOVE the tradition followed by EVERY MAJOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE for the last 40 years of releasing multiple years of federal income tax returns." Americans are supposed to be COMFORTABLE voting for this SECRETIVE WEIRDO?! Whatever people may think of President Obama, he is a KNOWN QUANTITY: He was born in Hawaii, birther FREAKS; he rescued our nation from a REPUBLICAN-CREATED economic meltdown; he presided over 24 continuous months of private sector job growth with more than 3.9 million jobs created; he RESCUED the U.S. auto industry, crown jewels of our manufacturing base as GM catapulted back to the world's no. 1 automaker, while Mitt Romney editorialized, "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"; and he killed Osama Bin Laden.

Mitt Romney projecting again, his voters have to be MEGA-OBAMA-HATERS to cast their lot with the weird, secretive white guy.

Ever Wondered About Mitt's Wimpy Elephant Walk?

IT'S BEEN VARIOUSLY DESCRIBED HERE AS "mincingly" and he walks like "his balls are in a vise" tiptoeing through the tulips, as it were. Next time you see Mitt skip-hop onto a stage and pitter-patter waddle to the podium, think Henry Mancini's "Elephant Walk" song for the film Hatari, starring the anti-Mitt walker John Wayne:



Maher: If Ryan Is The Smartest Guy In The Republican Party, Palin The Supidest Woman On Earth ...


Quotable, On Paul Ryan: Monica Crowley, Wingnut 'HO'; Maureen Dowd, Columnist

"Paul Ryan could SHARE/CHAIR my 'BUDGET COMMITTEE' anyday" ~ Monica Crowley, as she strokes Paul Ryan's gavel.

"Ryan should stop being so lovable. People who intend to hurt other people should wipe the smile off their faces." ~ Maureen Dowd.

Thursday, August 16, 2012



Memo To FOX And Georgia Lumberyard Owner: OH REALLY?!

RAY GASTER, A GEORGIA LUMBERYARD OWNER PUT UP A LOVELY sign addressed to President Obama at all three of his company's locations, which reads, "I built this business without gov't help. Obama can Kiss my ass." Considering Mr. Gaster is a Vietnam Vet, military service in wartime while Mitt Romney who this misguided senior will presumably be voting for was running off to Paris, France to DODGE THE DRAFT, we'll give Mr. Gaster the right to MAKE AN ASS OF HIMSELF.

Incidentally, President Obama's grandfather served in Patton's army during WWII, but not ONE of those COWARDS in the Romney Clan — past and present — has EVER served in the U.S. military ... or the Mexican army or the French Foreign Legion, so far as we could tell. This is what President Obama said, which is being demagogued to death by Rovian operatives LYING about the context of the President's words:
“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help," the president said at a campaign stop last month in Roanoke, Va."There was a great teacher somewhere in your life," he continued. "Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”
What EXACTLY is objectionable about this statement, right wing MORONS?! Or do you REALLY believe that if you build a business in the middle of NOWHERE as British Prime Minister David Cameron said of Mitt's Mormon capital ... "they will come?" Metaphorically speaking, of course. After Republican President Dwight Eisenhower built the GOVERNMENT INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM there was an EXPLOSION in the timely, cheap movement of goods and services, rendering far fewer locations truly isolated and boosting the growth of thousands of small businesses like Mr. Gaster's.

That "somebody else" who "made that happen" referenced by President Obama was his distant predecessor, President Eisenhower. Which only goes to show what a bunch of DUMBASSES these right wingers are when it comes to understanding the simplest historical connection to our shared American experience. So to help Mr. Gaster better understand, first, that WE, THE PEOPLE are the government; and second, that we DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT for all sorts of things that we simply take for granted — we have posted the RED-RIMMED FOX photo of Ray Gaster, rugged individualist AYN RAND-STYLE; followed by the SAME BLUE-RIMMED PHOTO seen through our SPECIAL 'YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT! OH REALLY?!' glasses, with ASTOUNDING results:

Right back at ya Einstein. By the way, Mr. Gaster, how are your VA Veterans benefits/healthcare working out for ya? Medicare? Social Security? You know what, Mr. Gaster … you’d make a GREAT small business owner-victim going down with all guns blazing against marauding road gangs in a futuristic Ryan-Koch brothers dystopian America for rugged individualists modeled after the Mel Gibson Road Warrior films. (See, those private police forces rarely venture outside their “Green Zones,” what hospitals remain open no longer deploy ambulances; it’s much too dangerous. Fire precincts and schools are closed for lack of funds.) Best of luck, John Galt.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


THIS WINGNUT FROM THE NATIONAL REVIEW HAD THE AUDACITY to compare the JFK-LBJ ticket to Romney-Ryan, saying JFK picked LBJ for his vast legislative agenda. YES. Johnson brought to the ticket 12 years in the House (37-49), and 12 years in the Senate (49-61), in which he rose through the leadership ranks — Senate Majority Whip (51-53), Senate Minority Leader (53-55), Senate Majority Leader (55-61) — and, as chronicled by historian Robert A. Caro in Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, LBJ revolutionized the Senate majority position and his exercise of power.

Who is Paul Ryan and what has he done? The best weeping willow House Speaker John Boehner can muster is to lavish Ryan with faint praise, saying "he's not a knuckle-dragger." Wow. Now we know what Boehner REALLY thinks of the Teabagger Caucus. In 13 years as a Congressman, Ryan spent more time on his P90X workout and bulging biceps than on passing legislation. In all those years, I must REITERATE, Ryan passed TWO, COUNT 'EM, TWO bills: One, renaming post offices, and the other amending the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 "to modify the taxation of arrow components" (Ryan is a bow hunting enthusiast). Since 2010, Ryan has been Chairman of the House Budget Committee, passing an ideologically toxic right wing budget which guts the social safety net and KILLS Medicare by turning it into a voucher program.

Chris, two things: (1) As the OFFENSIVE Costa appearance on Hardball shows, today's National Review of Rich Lowry is nothing like the magazine founded by Bill Buckley. (2) You sat silently as Costa made an OUTRAGEOUS comparison, essentially allowing this right wing POLLUTION to permeate your little corner of sometime honest journalism and liberal opinion. Costa's ABSURD statement should have been challenged immediately. Instead, TYPICALLY, it went right over your head ON A TOPIC YOU KNOW. That's utterly shameful.

PS. — What I'd like to know is, did Ryan spend taxpayer's funds on Ayn Rand PULP FICTION to distribute to his interns and visitors?!

Memo To Mittens: STOP WHINING!!!

CNN's Soledad O'Brien BLASTS Romney Surrogate John Sununu And His GOP Lies

SCREAMING AT A GOOD LATINA LIKE SOLEDAD O'BRIEN won't get you much traction, pal. I must say, Soledad is the SINGLE bright light at CNN when it comes to solid, INDEPENDENT journalism. Forget her sweet (she is so sweet) angelic looks and voice; Soledad is not one to be rolled or trifled with by the likes of an aging, lying, right wing HACK like John Sununu.

Typically, though, those BELTWAY MEDIA ratbastards at POLITICO (and CNN, too!) played only the back-and-forth shouting, but NONE OF THE POLICY RECORD-CORRECTION by Soledad, which was at the heart of their exchange. The EDITING dishonesty of the Beltway Media is breathtaking in its BRAZEN DISRESPECT for the voters. Here's the full exchange, not from the CNN site:

IT HAS BEGUN: Back-Alley Abortions In Texas As Women Look To Mexico

REGARDLESS OF WHERE ONE STANDS ON the religious morality issues surrounding abortion, the purpose of public policy regarding women's reproductive rights is to make this legal procedure, per the U.S. Supreme Court seminal Roe v.Wade decision, safe, available and rare. Instead, over the past couple of years, the rise of the Religious Right, Tea Party, and radicalization of the Republican Party bending to its extremist right wing fringe, there has been a relentless Republican assault on women's health, particularly reproductive health, in Red States like Virginia (angry women there kicked 'Gov. Vaginal Probe' from ticket consideration), Mississippi (in which the governor boasted of closing down its last abortion clinic), and Texas, which has slashed funding for Planned Parenthood, whose abortion services are only 3% of their overall women's healthcare.

Now we are seeing the first logical consequences of this brutal, retrograde, anti-woman social policy: A return, for all intents and purposes, to back-alley abortions as mostly poor Texan women with few alternatives turn to unsafe, unregulated Mexican clinics and pharmacies for services no longer provided by the state of Texas.

The women of America had better wake up to the reality of this radical right wing Republican Party and the extent to which its policies are endangering women's lives and health in very REAL ways. And they'd better realize that voting straight party (D), from top to bottom, is the ONLY rational alternative in this election cycle.
Abortion-rights advocates are concerned that a lack of awareness about clinical options in the United States — as well as a lack of funds — could lead more women to go underground and risk their health in this way. In 2011, Texas lawmakers made deep cuts in financing for family planning for low-income women. And a new law that requires a woman seeking an abortion to receive a sonogram 24 hours ahead of the procedure — that is, to make at least two visits to the abortion clinic — may be prompting some to seek alternate abortion methods.


THAT ROMNEY'S VEEP PICK PAUL RYAN HAS worshipped at the altar of an ATHEIST fringe philosopher as recently as April of this year?! If you read this blog you would, but not if you get your fake news and disinformation from FOX. See, now Ryan's insisting that his worship of the infamous neurotic novelist of right wing Social Darwinist ideologues, Ayn Rand, is nothing more than an urban legend because good Catholic boys would NEVER embrace the teachings of an ATHEIST. Really?!

Our favorite HOLLYWOOD SOCIALIST Lawrence O'Donnell has the video evidence primed and ready for a new Democratic ad! (MEMO To Team Obama: You'll be stupid not to use the Ryan Rand worship tapes contrasted with Ayn Rand's WEIRD appearances on 60 Minutes, Johnny Carson, and also an appearance on Donahue, when she was a doddering old witch taking full advantage of Social Security and Medicare while publicly trashing these foundational American social safety net programs. As Lawrence noted wryly, imagine how Hannity, Limbaugh, FOX & Friends would react were a Democratic Veep nominee discovered to worship an ATHEIST. They'd be running this tape in a constant 24/7 loop with appropriate inflammatory commentary. HYPOCRITES.



RACHEL SOUNDS totally adorable with her mysterious post-Olympic lisp ...  Should be one HOT audio segment the next time she hosts Sweet Melissa, with her (cute) funny talk! But this is about Paul Ryan's war on women meme (the DUMB American electorate knows nothing about and probably never will) and his vampiric Eddie MUNSTER policies.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


FROM THE NEW REPUBLIC, A BLAND TITLE FOR THE EXISTENTIAL HORROR STORY facing the American electorate, particularly the middle class, seniors, and the poor: "Six Things to Know About Ryan (and Romney)":

"1. Ryan really believes in ending Medicare as we know it.

2. Ryan really believes in ending Medicaid as we know it.

3. Ryan really pushed for privatization of Social Security.

4. Ryan really would decimate government funding, to the point it could no longer carry on many routine operations.

5. Ryan really does want the biggest transfer of wealth, from poor and middle class to rich, in modern U.S. history.

6. Ryan really holds an extreme position on abortion rights, even relative to other conservatives."

And why does the Beltway Media/Idiot Punditocracy continue to believe Paul Ryan is a "serious" person? Here's Jason Linkins with some answers on these BMBEs (Beltway Media Biological Entities), who observes these alien life forms (you know who you are) up close, plying his trade in the belly of the beast without having been corrupted.

When You Can't Tell Fantasy From Reality —



Monday, August 13, 2012

Duchess St. Rollins' Daily Affirmation: Ryan's Dope

ISN'T THAT SPECIAL!? Consider that Paul Ryan's crowd inherited a BUDGET SURPLUS under President Clinton and IMMEDIATELY turned it into a burgeoning DEFICIT to finance two unpaid wars, tax cuts for the rich, and a partial privatization of Medicare to $10.7 trillion by 2008.

Not only that, but if these IMBECILE OBJECTIVISTS with their masturbatory Ryan posters ever bothered to study the historical record, they would discover that the last five Democratic presidents from Bill Clinton to Harry Truman all reduced public debt as a share of GDP, while the last four Republican presidents from George W. Bush to Gerald Ford (in particular, beginning with Reagan's trickle-down "voodoo economics," when tax cuts for the rich first became a right wing ideological cudgel and article of faith without any basis in fact) all presided over an explosion in our public debt.

It's not rocket science; when Republican ideologues of Paul Ryan's ilk protect their millionaire and billionaire patrons from paying their fair share in taxes, the debt increases exponentially, while the so-called "job creators" (another economic right wing myth and talking point) busily shelter their "surplus cash" in overseas tax havens, Chinese casinos, and outsourcing American jobs overseas to China and the Pacific rim nations. It's called predatory, vulture capitalism. It's how Mitt Romney made his fortune and what inspired his Ayn Rand cult worshipper Paul Ryan to fashion his extremist budget philosophy. Ryan, who went to college on the government dole, and who has been a government employee his entire professional life, having sponsored two, count 'em TWO, minor bills, one renaming post offices and the other a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 "to modify the taxation of arrow components" (Ryan is a bow hunting enthusiast), is boasting on the stump of his "record" of achievement?!

Paul Ryan's Galtian workout and cultivation of the Idiot Punditocracy, aka the  Beltway Media, coupled with the Tea Party pustulent excretions on the extremist right created the perfect storm for his political superstardom and ascension, out of whole cloth, as the ideological "ideas man" of the neo-fascist right wing. (The wingnuts' mostly male worship of Ryan is a kind of bizarre homo-erotic sideshow.)

Paul Ryan is a fraud, a phony, and a scam artist. He can be sanguine about his mission to "indict progressivism as a cancer that must be flushed out" according to his reading of Austrian economists and Russian √©migr√© Ayn Rand, as long as he's chest-thumping in the friendly confines of the wingnut mad hatter Glenn Beck, who is positively giddy with Ryan's choice for Veep. Well, as Rachel noted, the right wing/Beltway echo chamber of unquestioning adulation of Ryan no longer obtains. I would remind Mr. Ryan that the holy trinity of progressivism includes two of our greatest presidents — Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, his Democratic cousin, FDR — and the legendary Bob LaFollette, whose family founded the Wisconsin Progressive Party. Any one of these great historic figures would have the objectivist Ryan punk for lunch. Chew him up and spit him out — on the weakness of his radical "ideas." Here's the Duchess, twisting the knife in the Galtian carcass:
But, what? Giving the wealthy MORE tax breaks even though they are raking in profits and paying the lowest tax rate they have in decades is the way to prosperity? In the 1970s about 8% of all new income went to the top 1% of earners. Now that number has tripled, yet, Ryan the Wonder Twat has all of you bumpkin-billies all worked into a lather over his horse shit budget proposal that actually increases the deficit by 2.6 TRILLION over the next 10 years. If he and Mittens are so goddamned concerned about the deficit, then why does the plan they endorse (that flip-flopping Mittens is backpedaling from now) give both of them HUGE tax breaks while INCREASING taxes for the middle class? That's right, Cletus, unless you make more than $500,000 a year, and we all know that roadkill taxidermy and homemade meth labs don't pay THAT well, you will be paying thousands more in taxes every year under the "Path to Prosperity" plan.

Do you want to know what REALLY doesn't work? Austerity, as in drastically cutting government spending and trying to pay down the deficit during a recession. Do you know how I know it doesn't work? Because Europe is crumbling right now due to their implementation of austerity measures. If you could read at higher than a 3rd grade level you might know that too.

Oh, and Ryan didn't seem real concerned about the motherfucking deficit when he was voting FOR Bush's wars and tax cuts for the wealthy. Remember how we had a budget surplus when Bush Jr. took office and when he left we were $10 TRILLION in the hole and counting? Of course you don't fucking remember because they conveniently forget to talk about any of that on that bubbling pool of dog slobber you call "Fox and Friends."

Wake up, Teabillies! Your ignorance is going to get us all relegated to serfdom and some of us aspire to more than our very own outhouse. Fuck you for being so stupid.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Team Obama Slams Ryan Choice