Thursday, August 16, 2012

Memo To FOX And Georgia Lumberyard Owner: OH REALLY?!

RAY GASTER, A GEORGIA LUMBERYARD OWNER PUT UP A LOVELY sign addressed to President Obama at all three of his company's locations, which reads, "I built this business without gov't help. Obama can Kiss my ass." Considering Mr. Gaster is a Vietnam Vet, military service in wartime while Mitt Romney who this misguided senior will presumably be voting for was running off to Paris, France to DODGE THE DRAFT, we'll give Mr. Gaster the right to MAKE AN ASS OF HIMSELF.

Incidentally, President Obama's grandfather served in Patton's army during WWII, but not ONE of those COWARDS in the Romney Clan — past and present — has EVER served in the U.S. military ... or the Mexican army or the French Foreign Legion, so far as we could tell. This is what President Obama said, which is being demagogued to death by Rovian operatives LYING about the context of the President's words:
“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help," the president said at a campaign stop last month in Roanoke, Va."There was a great teacher somewhere in your life," he continued. "Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”
What EXACTLY is objectionable about this statement, right wing MORONS?! Or do you REALLY believe that if you build a business in the middle of NOWHERE as British Prime Minister David Cameron said of Mitt's Mormon capital ... "they will come?" Metaphorically speaking, of course. After Republican President Dwight Eisenhower built the GOVERNMENT INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM there was an EXPLOSION in the timely, cheap movement of goods and services, rendering far fewer locations truly isolated and boosting the growth of thousands of small businesses like Mr. Gaster's.

That "somebody else" who "made that happen" referenced by President Obama was his distant predecessor, President Eisenhower. Which only goes to show what a bunch of DUMBASSES these right wingers are when it comes to understanding the simplest historical connection to our shared American experience. So to help Mr. Gaster better understand, first, that WE, THE PEOPLE are the government; and second, that we DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT for all sorts of things that we simply take for granted — we have posted the RED-RIMMED FOX photo of Ray Gaster, rugged individualist AYN RAND-STYLE; followed by the SAME BLUE-RIMMED PHOTO seen through our SPECIAL 'YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT! OH REALLY?!' glasses, with ASTOUNDING results:

Right back at ya Einstein. By the way, Mr. Gaster, how are your VA Veterans benefits/healthcare working out for ya? Medicare? Social Security? You know what, Mr. Gaster … you’d make a GREAT small business owner-victim going down with all guns blazing against marauding road gangs in a futuristic Ryan-Koch brothers dystopian America for rugged individualists modeled after the Mel Gibson Road Warrior films. (See, those private police forces rarely venture outside their “Green Zones,” what hospitals remain open no longer deploy ambulances; it’s much too dangerous. Fire precincts and schools are closed for lack of funds.) Best of luck, John Galt.

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