Friday, August 17, 2012


BEFORE YOU START TRADING BACK-SLAPS for getting Mitt Romney to revisit his INCOME TAX disclosure issue, between quickie WANKS to pics of Paulie 'blue eyes' on your iPads (I don't see it; he looks like one UGLY, cruel slit-mouthed white boy to me, but obviously the verbal etc. masturbators think different) — HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK WE, THE PUBLIC CONSUMERS OF YOUR GARBITCH ARE?!

Do you think we really wouldn't notice (A) Mitt and Ann Romney's LEGALISTIC dodge by saying, as Mitt Romney has, incessantly, to 'TRUST ME', he's paid at least 13% all these years he's NOT DISCLOSING to the American people, which is an awfully LOW RATE as it is, and should have triggered IMMEDIATE pushback and skepticism from the Media; along with (B) THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION THAT REMAINS UNASKED: "Mr. Romney, please define your terms and be specific: When you say 'TAXES' do you mean 'FEDERAL INCOME TAXES' or 'STATE INCOME TAXES' or 'PROPERTY TAXES'  or 'LOCAL, SALES TAXES'? And why do you insist on ADDING your charitable contributions, when normal Americans report charitable contributions as DEDUCTIONS in their federal income tax returns?!

Which brings up another question (C): Define "charitable contributions," because such contributions to the MEGA-RICH, MEGA-SECRETIVE, MEGA-WEIRD Church of Latter Day Saints DO NOT APPLY!  EXAMPLE: Native Americans are a "lost tribe of Israel" — was that before or after DNA testing? — and god lives on a planet named Kolob ... YEAH, UH-HUH, RIGHT.

 And this really REALLY WEIRD pathological liar says, "TRUST ME, I'm ABOVE the tradition followed by EVERY MAJOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE for the last 40 years of releasing multiple years of federal income tax returns." Americans are supposed to be COMFORTABLE voting for this SECRETIVE WEIRDO?! Whatever people may think of President Obama, he is a KNOWN QUANTITY: He was born in Hawaii, birther FREAKS; he rescued our nation from a REPUBLICAN-CREATED economic meltdown; he presided over 24 continuous months of private sector job growth with more than 3.9 million jobs created; he RESCUED the U.S. auto industry, crown jewels of our manufacturing base as GM catapulted back to the world's no. 1 automaker, while Mitt Romney editorialized, "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"; and he killed Osama Bin Laden.

Mitt Romney projecting again, his voters have to be MEGA-OBAMA-HATERS to cast their lot with the weird, secretive white guy.

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