Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CNN's Soledad O'Brien BLASTS Romney Surrogate John Sununu And His GOP Lies

SCREAMING AT A GOOD LATINA LIKE SOLEDAD O'BRIEN won't get you much traction, pal. I must say, Soledad is the SINGLE bright light at CNN when it comes to solid, INDEPENDENT journalism. Forget her sweet (she is so sweet) angelic looks and voice; Soledad is not one to be rolled or trifled with by the likes of an aging, lying, right wing HACK like John Sununu.

Typically, though, those BELTWAY MEDIA ratbastards at POLITICO (and CNN, too!) played only the back-and-forth shouting, but NONE OF THE POLICY RECORD-CORRECTION by Soledad, which was at the heart of their exchange. The EDITING dishonesty of the Beltway Media is breathtaking in its BRAZEN DISRESPECT for the voters. Here's the full exchange, not from the CNN site:

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