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Cesspool Media Redux ...

IT SEEMS MY TRASH-TALKING rants get most of the attention on this blog; my better posts ... not so much. I feel bad for getting on Andrea's case a little too harshly, perhaps. This is why I don't watch her show; it's much too upsetting, at least for me, as an outside-the-beltway progressive looking in. But it's not personal.

Yesterday, after a dose of the Terrible 'Rs', Russert and Rendell, I'd just about had it. Shouldn't have watched Andrea at all, but the President was speaking. Unfortunately, Andrea trots out the despicable anti-woman, anti-ACA, anti-Obama troglodyte Cuccinelli to spout his unemcumbered wingnut LIES. That was just TOO MUCH.

As much as Andrea is a nice lady, she's an insider's Washington D.C. insider. Hence part of the Beltway Media problem. The same Media miasma which has programmed Luke Russert to spout the Left-Right false equivalency canard, while spending most of his time sucking up to Republicans in Congress. Russert is an automaton goner, who was conservative to begin with, and became completely indoctrinated in a surprisingly short timespan. The gravitational pull of the RIGHT on the Beltway Media is something that can only be fully appreciated from outside.

Russert has internalized the Beltway language, the narrative, the myths, the biases, in record time. It's sickening. Andrea, for her part, is a creature of Washington D.C., the ultimate Establishment city, corporatist and conservative, leaning heavily Republican, or Republican Lite, like Ed Rendell, which is as much as the MSNBC suits will tolerate, or Andrea can understand.

That's it in a nutshell. You might get Democratic equal time on her show, but it's the classic political conundrum of our time: Andrea feels obligated to give equal time to the Republican alchemists of the Flat Earth Society over the scientific community represented by the Democratic Party. In the process, she is doing great harm to the body politic. And as I've stated before, how incredibly condescending is it, to call upon Rachel each time liberals and progressives need to be "interpreted." Same as in Meet The Press, heavily Republican-leaning, as every statistic will show.

So yeah, if I've called them the MEDIA CESSPOOL it's because they've done enormous harm to our body politic. Not that they're the worst offenders. CNN and FOX are. But that they're supposed to represent the liberal and progressive voice, which is mainstream America most everywhere else but the Beltway, polling in the 60s on issue after progressive issue, from taxing the rich, to Social Security and Medicare, to individual provisions of the ACA.

Yet the corporate Beltway Media perpetuates the myth of conservative America. One wonders whether Andrea has considered the harm she does to the country, on a daily basis, to people's basic understanding of the issues, as she sits blithely and passively by, the proverbial potted plant with a front shelf view of Republican LIES. Every so often she'll praise one for not straying from "message discipline."

This isn't an idle critique. It's the same basic one proffered by Paul Krugman at CNBC, as he labeled them ZOMBIES. By the time we've seen the parade of Vin Weber (a favorite, typical Establishment Republican pal of Andrea's), Haley Barbour (racist, TRULY — he has a history with the Klan and uttered an anti-Semitic slur a month ago, whitewashed by Andrea), Ken Cuccinelli, et al ... we're not of a mind to put up with Chris Cillizza's anything-but "post-partisan" analysis. To the extent these people get caught out they'll temper their lingo; but a zebra's still a zebra.

And the worst part of it is, that MSNBC has deliberately mainstreamed Republican extremism.


"There is no whining in politics. Stop demanding an apology, release your tax returns."

- John Weaver, a veteran Republican strategist.

"If you have things to hide, then maybe you're doing things wrong. I think you ought to be willing to release everything to the American people."

- Robert Bentley, Alabama's Republican governor.

UH-OH ... There's trouble flaring, flaming, ERUPTING in LUCIFERVILLE!

New Obama Ad: Mitt Romney On a Spit

I LIKE IT! Mitt Romney isn't just part of the problem. He's an abomination:

Friday, July 13, 2012


INSTEAD OF "USA! USA! USA!" THE U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM FANS' CRIE DE GUERRE (HEY, WHADDYA WANT!? ... They're wearing BERETS!) will be: "RALPH LAUREN! RALPH LAUREN! RALPH LAUREN! POLO! POLO! POLO!" See what happens, folks, when you PRIVATIZE EVERYTHING? And how about the Republican reaction? John Boehner's smirk was classic. C'mon, they're not really upset by this. Only starry-eyed pundits will believe that. The GOP "upset" over this is about as credible as claiming that our one puny VOTE (provided we haven't been disenfranchised or wiped off the voting rolls) can actually beat back ZILLIONAIRE SUPER PAC money.

Welcome to the FUTURE, comrades. Ralph Lauren just made the process an inconvenient truth in an election year that lends itself to political posturing. Having said that, I'm with Harry Reid: Throw them all in a big pile, BURN THE DAMN THINGS, and find someplace in the continental U.S. (the Pacific Island territories don't count) to manufacture the U.S. Olympic uniforms, SANS THE BERETS (!). LET US RECRUIT A BETSY ROSS 2012 BRIGADE OF PATRIOTIC SEAMSTRESSES TO DO IT! Either that, or find some semi-legal sweatshop stateside willing to do their patriotic duty. Start flippin' your rolodexes/contact lists, Ralph Lauren.


CESSPOOL MEDIA ON DISPLAY: Andrea Mitchell Darn Near Unwatchable

MEANWHILE, ANDREA MITCHELL DISGRACES HERSELF AND HER PROFESSION by silently hosting a right wing political HACK AND LIAR like VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and she can't even properly articulate the argument to counter the wingnut's LIES. We're not asking you to repeat talking points; just THE FACTS, MA'AM, from reliable nonpartisan sources like, e.g., the CBO. Republicans LIE consistently. Every single time they're on with Andrea Mitchell. And she says nothing. Much less act like the shadow of a journalist.

Here's the context, to show what a CESSPOOL OF ZOMBIES MSNBC is become: Mitchell showed extended remarks by the President on the campaign trail. So she's too cowed and intimidated to do her fucking JOB when Cuccinelli comes on, for trembling fear of being accused of bias by the FOX PROPAGANDA NETWORK AND RIGHT WING SMEAR MACHINE?! Shame on you, Andrea. He's the President of the United States. No need to make excuses or act like a hostage. JUST DO YOUR JOB — COUNTER THE GOP LIES WITH FACTS. You should have them at your fingertips. Lady Alex used to, at least have laminated cards. What's in those papers you keep shuffling, Andrea ... a black bean taco recipe, hmm?

IDIOT PUNDITOCRACY WATCH: Luke "The Force Is NOT With Me" Russert ...

CRAPS ON NOW WITH LADY ALEX: "YOU HAVE A FAR RIGHT AND A FAR LEFT APPROACH" ... TOTALLY, totally mischaracterizing the political debate around FOOD STAMPS FOR AMERICA'S POOREST OF THE POOR! Luke, you LITTLE PUNK. You're a Catholic IN NAME ONLY. You're so headed to PURGATORY, pal; IGNORANCE is no excuse.

It's amazing to me, the SUSTAINED IGNORANCE of Idiot Pundits like Russert and his ilk, his POSSE, who have disgraced this blog altogether TOO MANY TIMES. This FAR RIGHT, FAR LEFT FALSE EQUIVALENCY MEME just keeps rolling off their tongues. INCESSANTLY. These ignorant PUNKS are so so programmed, it's fucking frightening. Conversely, kudos to Jonathan Capehart. At least when he's on-camera he's learned not to let his previous false equivalency bias show. Russert, and the rest of his Greek Chorus POSSE is what the perceptive Paul Krugman would call a ZOMBIE.

ZOMBIE # 2 — Ed Rendell: "This has been a campaign of who screws up worse." OH PLEASE. SHUT UP, ALREADY. Alex, can you please STOP insulting our intelligence by giving Russert and Rendell a forum?! Speaking of sharks, Alex: You're surrounding yourself with them. By choice. Just make sure you don't tread water. Listen to 'Buzzy' Buzz instead, M'Lady.

Memo To Beltway, Democratic Elites

YEAH, YOU: Cory 'Apple of Rachel's Eyes' Booker; Ed 'Apple of Alex's Eyes' Rendell; Bill 'Bubba the All-Time Greatest Politico's Politico' Clinton — what's that, again, you said that Bain Capital is off-limits?! What a gaggle of IDIOTS. And Gov. Fatso, STFU already about second-guessing the Obama campaign. We're NOT LISTENING to your disconnected, inside-the-Beltway rabbit hole BRAIN FARTS! (This is your friendly "must be those netroots progressives, AGAIN," talking.)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

DRIP, DRIP, DRIP: 'O Bain, MY BANE, Where Art Thou?'

BIG EDDIE DOES A GOOD JOB OUTLINING the Case: SEC v. Willard Mitt Romney.



LET'S BE CLEAR: I'M FED UP WITH TALKING HEADS MAKING A distinction without a difference, e.g., saying Mitt Romney is "race-baiting" but somehow he's not a RACIST. It's simple; you race-bait, deliberately, intentionally, with malicious calculation aforethought — you're a fucking RACIST! Capisce, Idiot Punditocracy?!

Now that we've cleared this up, Mitt Romney went to the NAACP conference, having accepted their invite, to RACE BAIT. Knowing ahead of time that he'd be BOOED, perhaps not as lustily — the mince-stepping, wimpy Romney looked like Seamus in the headlights as the crowd jeered him for 14 seconds — Mitt Romney used the event to disparage and further insult and offend his immediate audience as much as he had with his calculated reference to "Obamacare" and clueless reference to having a black person in his "kitchen cabinet." Then the plutocrat arrogantly told the assembled African American audience to be "looking at him" as a better president for them than the first African American elected president.

"You're looking at him," he kept repeating through the jeers. That was calculated race-baiting. Sure enough, Mitt Romney used the event to raise money from white racist right wingers. Here was Mitt Romney, the white master plutocrat saying with that characteristic (as in a visible no-character facial tic) curling right upper lip sneer, the meme he has often repeated to selected racist audiences, this at a fundraiser in Montana:
"But I hope people understand this, your friends who like Obamacare, you remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy — more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is really free."


WHERE IS CHRIS MATTHEWS?! I hope he isn't ill or something of the kind ... But Michael Smerconish is kind of like the crazy conservative relative who comes to visit and then decides to stay, disrupting the routine and peace in the household.

QUOTABLE: Touré And Professor Michael Eric Dyson, On Joe Paterno

TOURÉ: "Joe Paterno is the Devil, or at least the Devil's (spawn)."

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: "Gives a whole new meaning to PATERNO-LISTIC."

OUCH! Professor Dyson officially breaks the shackles of Academia ...

They are reacting to former FBI Director Louis Freeh's report on the Penn State child sex abuse scandal, which found that legendary coach Joe Paterno knew much more than he admitted of the monstrous behavior of his then-defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky as early as 1998 and 2000, but took limited action and "concealed critical facts to avoid bad publicity."


THIS IS RICH. PHILLY MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER reacts to the revelation that Mitt Romney flew in Republican African Americans who are not members of the NAACP to the NAACP convention to be his cheering gallery and the "black leaders" he met with afterwards.
"Mitt Romney is a FAKE, he is a PHONY... Apparently now he travels with his own POSSE of black people to be able to characterize (to FOX) that he had some conversations with some black folks who are supportive of his campaign, but they weren't members of the NAACP ... THIS IS THE BIGGEST OKEY-DOKE THAT HAS COME ALONG IN A WHILE ... It's just part and parcel of the insult, using the President's name in a disrespectful fashion as part of the health care reference ... and then the AVALANCHE OF BOOS came on because of what he was saying ... THIS IS PRETTY OUTRAGEOUS as this story continues to develop" ... (Ed: "This is SO LIKE MITT ROMNEY; now he's telling FOX that he actually met with black leaders that support him ...") MAYOR NUTTER: "That apparently he carries around, LIKE HE CARRIES THEM IN HIS BACK POCKET THEN POPS THEM OUT IN A MEETING, IN AN OFFICE, AND SAYS, "OH, I MET WITH SOME BLACK PEOPLE." ... These are not the folks he came to talk to; I mean, this is insane."



Incidentally,  the CESSPOOL MEDIA pressured by the Romney camp will not to cover (let's just say it) the weirdness and INSTITUTIONAL RACISM OF MORMONISM,  minimizing the fact that the Church of Latter Day Saints would not ordain black people as priests until 1978.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ATTN: "AMERICAN IDIOT" — S.E. Cupp Redeems Herself On "The Cycle"!?!

I KID YOU NOT, WINGNUTS! THIS IS HEARTWARMING MUST-SEE WINGNUT FARE. Your heroine has come through and proved her conservative warrior mettle. It's always a winning segment when a thoughtful commentator like Steve Kornacki gets to share a little bit of genuine history and school the audience on the benefits of sound tax policy under President Clinton.

Faced with a struggling economy and soaring deficits left over from Reagan-Bush I, the President raised the top marginal tax rate on the top 1.2% of income earners, putting the top brackets at 36% and 39.2%. Republicans predicted Armageddon. Instead, the tax paydown on the debt sparked the largest sustained economic expansion in U.S. history, wiping away the deficit by the time Clinton left office. Sarah's rejoinder? Well ... you just watch:


As I Was Saying ... Paul Krugman On The CNBC Cesspool, Zombies On Display

FUNNY THING ABOUT MSNBC: The more they're abused by the rudeness of RIGHT WING SCUMBAGS, the more they fall over backwards to play DOORMAT to these RATBASTARDS. Just off the top of my head, here are but a few examples:
  • Tamron Hall blows her top at smug libertarian Tim Carney, a Ratigan alumnus, for "condescending" her; 
  •  Michael Steele calls Chris Matthews a "sycophant" among other unmentionable exploits as an MSNBC employee; 
  • Michael Smerconish takes advantage of his guest host forum to book a despicable wingnut like David Freddoso, whose anti-Obama screeds earned him a place in the "right wing smear machine;"
  • Andrea Mitchell, who is unfailingly polite to her guests, endures the brunt of it as she rarely pushes back. Yesterday, John Sununu smiled condescendingly and said, "you're reaching Andrea, you're reaching," as she was trying to present the other side of the argument; Haley Barbour came this close to making an anti-Semitic slur, which Andrea herself deflected; and who can forget the Foster Friess aspirin between the knees as contraception "joke." 
Not only do the NBC suits tolerate the mainstreaming of extremists on their networks, a kind of human laundering and spin cycle of scumbags, ratbastards, proto-fascists, religious fanatics, misogynists, and just plain ethically challenged liars, but they have the audacity to consider the special treatment an obligation. Here, Paul Krugman rips the scab off NBC's financial channel, CNBC:
Zombies on CNBC 

Wow. I just did Squawk Box — allegedly about my book, but we never got there. Instead it was one zombie idea after another — Europe is collapsing because of big government, health care is terribly rationed in France, we can save lots of money by denying Medicare to billionaires, on and on. Among other things, people getting their news from sources like that are probably getting terrible advice about any kind of investment that depends on macroeconomics. But it’s amazing just how skewed the policy views are too. All that and having to get to Englewood Cliffs, too.

President Obama, Champion of The Middle Class ...



New York Times Editorial BLASTS Romney's Financial TAX She(LTER)nanigans

THE QUESTIONS ARE SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD, EXPECTED OF all presidential candidates since Watergate and the era of full financial disclosure by politicians. Mitt Romney has been running for president more years than most presidential candidate disclosures of past tax returns as expected political and financial accountability for presidential candidates. His own father, George Romney, set the standard in 1968 when he ran for president by releasing 12 years of returns.

The public has every right and expectation to know the details of Mitt Romney's financial history and tax returns. Mitt Romney isn't running for dog-catcher — a post we already know, given Seamus's ordeal, for which he's eminently qualified — Mitt Romney is running for the highest public office in the land, the world's most powerful office, and a sacred public trust which demands the strictest public scrutiny and vetting. The arrogance of the man to think, first, that past standards of disclosure do not apply to him, as the richest man ever to run for president, and second, that he can blithely refuse to comply with the minimum standards of disclosure, as if he were the monarch in line for the throne of America, is so repugnant to our values as Americans as to be a self-evident disqualification.

DISCLOSE YOUR TAX RETURNS and financial history, Mr. Romney. The public has a right to know —
  • There was nothing illegal with the foreign tax shelters in the Caymans and Swiss bank account;
  • How much money was actually sheltered from taxes, and did it reduce Romney's liability even beyond the 14 percent or so he actually paid in taxes in 2010;
  • The extent to which Mitt Romney gamed the system for personal enrichment and tax avoidance. This question goes directly to character and the voters' judgment of Mitt Romney's ethics and suitability to be president considering, in particular, that he would preside over changes to the Tax Code. Paying one's fair share of taxes is something all of us can understand.

Paying taxes forthrightly has long been a matter of civic pride for most American politicians, a demonstration of honesty and of a willingness to share in society’s burdens. Since the Watergate era, presidential candidates have released several years of tax returns, allowing voters to peer at their financial choices and discern their entanglements.

Mitt Romney has upended that tradition this year. He has released only one complete tax return, for 2010, along with an unfinished estimate of his 2011 taxes. What information he did release provides a fuzzy glimpse at a concerted effort to park much of his wealth in overseas tax shelters, suggesting a widespread pattern of tax avoidance unlike that of any previous candidate.

Mr. Romney has resisted all demands for more disclosure, leading to growing criticism from Democrats that he is trying to hide his fortune and his tax schemes from the public. Given the troubling suspicions about his finances, he needs to release many more returns and quickly open his books to full scrutiny.

The 2010 tax return showed that the blind trust held by his wife, Ann, included a $3 million Swiss bank account that had not been properly reported on previous financial disclosure statements. (The account was closed by the trust manager in 2010 who feared it might become embarrassing for the campaign. He was right.) It also showed that Mr. Romney had used a complex offshore tax shelter, known as a blocker corporation, to shield the investments in his I.R.A. from paying an obscure business tax.

The use of that technique by wealthy taxpayers and institutions, long been blasted by Congressional tax experts as abusive, costs the treasury $1 billion a decade.

The return showed at least 20 investments not previously listed on disclosure reports, but it did not provide enough information to evaluate their size or holdings. Neither the tax return nor other disclosures have revealed the full amounts of the Romneys’ other offshore holdings over the years, including investments in Germany, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, Australia and Ireland.

Recent articles by The Associated Press and Vanity Fair focused on a Bermuda account that Mr. Romney transferred to his wife’s blind trust the day before he was inaugurated as governor of Massachusetts in 2003. The account, created in 1997, had not been properly disclosed to voters until January. Even though it had few assets in 2010, according to the return, it could have sheltered a significant amount of income last year or in previous years.

Mr. Romney also has not fully explained the nature of his separation agreement with Bain Capital, the private-equity firm he founded, which he left in 1999. Last month, his trust reported receiving a $2 million payment from Bain as part of unpaid earnings from his work there. Of the 138 Bain funds organized in the Cayman Islands, Mr. Romney has interests in 12, worth up to $30 million, according to Vanity Fair.

Though the Romney campaign has often distanced itself from Bain’s recent corporate takeover work, voters have no way of knowing how much the candidate has received from Bain since he left, or how much is coming.

Firms like Bain park money in the Caymans because the islands have no taxes on capital gains, profits or income for foreigners. But just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

The campaign says Mr. Romney has received no tax benefits from his offshore shelters, a dubious assertion but one impossible to check without more disclosure. Mr. Romney said this week that he had no idea where the blind trust had put his money, and he dismissed the issue of the offshore investments, saying they were no more consequential than investing in a foreign car company.

A foreign investment, however, is not the same as an offshore tax shelter. A more conscientious politician would have urged his blind trusts to have nothing to do with shelters not available to the general public. And Mr. Romney is tarnishing an important political tradition — one set by his father, George Romney, who released 12 years of tax returns in 1967 — by continuing to keep the sources of his income in the shadows.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Memo To The Romney Team: Nice Try, Fellas ...

BUT YOU WON'T GET AHEAD POACHING THIS BLOG for your candidate's one-liner LIES. Calling President Obama an "extreme liberal" is about as accurate as Mittens The SERIAL LIAR branding himself a FASCIST. Semantics, semantics. Romney wants us to forget he defined himself as a "SEVERE CONSERVATIVE." But I am an "extreme liberal," though. I'll take it as a compliment! I don't even mind when Establishment elitist and Democratic historian Jonathan Alter throws the subject of his best book, FDR, under the bus with a sneering reference to us FDR Libs as "50s Paleoliberals." Ha-ha, I love it! Jonathan is off on one of his neo-liberal reactionary phases to protect his book's cash cow subject, President Obama, as well as his access.

I get it. It reflects poorly on Jonathan, just as the time back during the Wisconsin wars when he tore into labor unions, along with Bob Schrum, as self-appointed Obama consiglieres and protectors of the Clinton legacy. Still, Jonathan is correct in his analysis: President Obama is indeed closer to Bill Clinton than he is to us "Paleoliberals." The Obama Team made a strategic decision to tack left in this election and sound a populist message.

We know that, Jonathan. We know that being in the vanguard means one has to live with half a loaf, maybe three quarters, if we're lucky. But after all the ground that's been lost to the middle class in the age of Reagan, Jonathan knows as well as we do that the ONLY solution to reverse the slide is government investment in jobs, infrastructure, education, technology, energy, and health care. AND — raising taxes on the super-rich. That's what the "New Democrat" Bill Clinton, praised by Romney today, did. Although Romney LIED, AGAIN, that Bubba lowered taxes.

Who cares what you call it?! For all us "Paleoliberals" care you can name it the Clinton-Alter-Obama Triangulismo Grande. Just remember who's REALLY yanking your chains, gentlemen. Think 2012 when you listen to the Great Man (below), Jonathan. President Obama, of course, lacks FDR's political courage to take on Wall Street. If he did, he would win in a landslide. But, unlike FDR's Party ballast — 'O Captain, My Captain' they called him — there are too many cowards, prevaricators, and sellouts in today's Democratic Party. So perhaps, our risk-averse President feels his hands are tied. In the political war games, he's still a neophyte to FDR; closer to Bubba, though, a political legend in the Media's own mind, simply because they lack a frame of reference and a sense of history before Reagan. (I think I smell a whole bunch of Paleoelitist Democrats in the Clinton-Rendell-Alter axis.) But still ... Listen, and think 2012:

Readers of this blog will recall I like to invoke the Zeitgeist poultergeist every time the Politicos "borrow" some phrase or word that just happens to have made it into my scribblings here. FIRST. It happens just often enough to be worthy of a raised eyebrow every now and then. Consider candidate Romney's latest ridiculous attack lines on President Obama (below).

Now consider this: (1) The Romney Team have proved themselves to be incompetent and shorn of ideas; (2) They have apparently decided that glomming onto Bill Clinton will drive a wedge in Obama independent voters, by arguing that "New Democrats have done some good things." Now where would Romney get that notion? I mean, the whole "New Democrat" thing is REAL inside baseball. His audience doesn't know about the DLC. It's fondly remembered by folks like "Schrummy" (as the Beltway Clintonistas like to call him), Jonathan, and his excitable Beltway pundit colleagues.

Let's face it, guys: This "New Democrat" thing is SO NINETIES! C'mon now. Two days ago, when I posted that "Gov. Ed Rendell, man of the people, Clinton toady, and MSNBC's "New Democrat" (trans: DINO) CANKER SORE said SHUT THE FUCK UP already, because those Wall Street Journal editorials "go over [our] heads" and the Obama Team is "CRAZY" for calling Romney — with his "sterling" Bain record, according to Bubba — "the DEVIL INCARNATE" ... I was trash-talking, guys! Really. I was calling Gov. Rendell a relic, a 90s museum piece using the equally passé "New Democrat" reference. Just for kicks. And you fell for it! IDIOTS.

Memo To Mitt Romney: I'm flattered, really I am, that you would poach my excoriation of Ed Rendell labeling him a "Clinton toady" as well as "New Democrat" as evidence of some kind of split between Progressives or "extreme liberals," which I prefer, (evidently me and PRESIDENT OBAMA), and the Clinton wing represented by Gov. Ed Rendell — or 'FATSO' as I like to call him.

EARTH To The Romney Team: I hate to break it to you, guys, but I represent a single demographic: myself. So it's foolish to extrapolate anything significant from my scribbles. However, I do encourage you to do keep doing it, for it would guarantee one thing: YOUR CERTAIN DEFEAT. Or ... maybe not. Your choice. Better yet, come up with your own ideas.


FAKING DEMENTIA ... OR NOT?!: (At least he's got Cadillac health insurance.)


HAMPTONS financiers said about the rest of us 99%:


PS. — That old wood tennis racket must be a vintage McEnroe, worth millions.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Music Break: No Church In The Wild

NOTHING LIKE A LITTLE ANARCHY AND NIHILISM from Jay-Z and Kanye West to shake off the cobwebs. This song is also the soundtrack to an awesome dark spy thriller, Safe House, starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Filmed with a grit and ugly menace in urban South Africa that makes the Bourne flicks silky by comparison. Bracing entertainment.

Cognitive Dissonance In MSNBC Nerdland

CHRIS HAYES THIS SUNDAY HOSTED NOTED ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST Bill McKibben to speak of Climate Change denialism in the Republican Party. McKibben laid the premise correctly: "Our problem, at heart, is the incredible financial power of this industry," he said. "The U.S. Chamber of Commerce — who spent more money on the election cycle last year than the RNC and the DNC combined — acts essentially as a front group, for instance, for the fossil fuel industry."

Okay, so far so good. But then he said, paraphrasing, Americans in greater and greater numbers believe global warming is a reality. BULLSHIT. Sure, 83 percent of Americans think the world is getting warmer — more opportunity to work on their tans. But at the same time, a new Wapo-Stanford University poll shows that just 18 percent of those polled consider Climate Change their top environmental concern, compared with 33 percent in 2007. Seemingly bedazzled by the man's saintliness, Chris was too cowed to challenge the optimistic assertions of science smarts on the part of Americans, a nation of imbeciles, in which 46 percent believe in "Creationism" over Evolution, according to Gallup 2012. That, by itself, is an ASTOUNDING measure of ignorance and stupidity for citizens of the planet's richest and, arguably, most powerful nation. (The education deficit is what will ultimately kill us off. Why else would Republicans be laying off so many teachers?)

As if that wasn't enough, McKibben then sang the praises of a bunch of narcissistic celebrities, led by George Clooney, who were willing to get themselves arrested to stop the Keystone pipeline. Apparently, they broke some kind of civil disobedience record. Yeah, right. Texting the 60s Civil Rights Movement. Back in those days Hollywood celebrities knew their place. Chalk up another one for saving the planet.

In the following program, featuring everyone's favorite GIDGET OF CABLE TV, SWEET AND SOUR MELISSA, political insider and lawyer Ari Melber actually said something useful, after so many useless chatterings playing sycophant to Dylan Ratigan: The average wealth of ALL members of Congress, both Houses, is $13 MILLION. So if we're going to make the indecent wealth argument about Mitt Romney, us peons better INCLUDE EVERYONE, or as Gov. Ed Rendell, man of the people, Clinton toady, and MSNBC's "New Democrat" (trans: DINO) CANKER SORE, said SHUT THE FUCK UP already, because those Wall Street Journal editorials "go over [our] heads" and the Obama Team is "CRAZY" for calling Romney — with his "sterling" Bain record, according to Bubba — "the DEVIL INCARNATE."


As stated a couple posts down, Ed Rendell never misses an opportunity to DISS President Obama. (Whatever happened to that diet of yours, Governor? Seems like Wall Street's been fattening you up pretty good TO SERVE Roast of Rendell after your suck-up to Wall Street/fuck-up throwing President Obama and the Democratic Party under the bus.) Meanwhile GIDGET OF THE CABLE TV pursed her lips like a chastised child, nodding agreeably. If nothing else, Melissa is always agreeable.

MEMO TO WALL STREET'S FAVORITE 'FATSO': (A) Mitt Romney IS the DEVIL INCARNATE; (B) Your "advice" to the Obama Team is NOT APPRECIATED insofar as all they need to do is TELL THE TRUTH about Romney's career, in and out of government, which refers back to (A) if you believe as we do that the DEVIL, like the Bible, is a metaphor; (C) boasting of how often you attended Hamptons soirées as DNC Chairman is NOT a plum addition to your c.v., for most Democrats; and (D) I'll take SWEET AND SOUR MELISSA from Princeton, ANYDAY, over Penn State luminaries Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno.

So much for the TWILIGHT OF THE (IDIOT PUNDITOCRACY) ELITES: THE OLIGARCHY OF THE PLUTOCRATS IS HERE TO STAY, said spokesmen of the MONEYED ELITES Ari Melber and Ed Rendell. Get used to it, STOP with the impolite "bad" language said Melissa the ROLL-O GIRL (sorry Melissa, I didn't get the "language" memo, so shoot me) and Ed Rendell, then maybe we'll throw some infrastructure jobs your way once the PLUTOCRAT POLITICIANS sort themselves and their CLASS INTERESTS (which include, broadly, Melissa, Rendell, Melber, MSNBC) out.

Is anyone getting the sense that this game is rigged, the "Media," all of it, is a CESSPOOL, most prominently the Orwellian doublespeak pipeline, MSNBC — and the gig is up? Or is it just my 'magination ... Must be.