Friday, July 13, 2012

IDIOT PUNDITOCRACY WATCH: Luke "The Force Is NOT With Me" Russert ...

CRAPS ON NOW WITH LADY ALEX: "YOU HAVE A FAR RIGHT AND A FAR LEFT APPROACH" ... TOTALLY, totally mischaracterizing the political debate around FOOD STAMPS FOR AMERICA'S POOREST OF THE POOR! Luke, you LITTLE PUNK. You're a Catholic IN NAME ONLY. You're so headed to PURGATORY, pal; IGNORANCE is no excuse.

It's amazing to me, the SUSTAINED IGNORANCE of Idiot Pundits like Russert and his ilk, his POSSE, who have disgraced this blog altogether TOO MANY TIMES. This FAR RIGHT, FAR LEFT FALSE EQUIVALENCY MEME just keeps rolling off their tongues. INCESSANTLY. These ignorant PUNKS are so so programmed, it's fucking frightening. Conversely, kudos to Jonathan Capehart. At least when he's on-camera he's learned not to let his previous false equivalency bias show. Russert, and the rest of his Greek Chorus POSSE is what the perceptive Paul Krugman would call a ZOMBIE.

ZOMBIE # 2 — Ed Rendell: "This has been a campaign of who screws up worse." OH PLEASE. SHUT UP, ALREADY. Alex, can you please STOP insulting our intelligence by giving Russert and Rendell a forum?! Speaking of sharks, Alex: You're surrounding yourself with them. By choice. Just make sure you don't tread water. Listen to 'Buzzy' Buzz instead, M'Lady.

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