Friday, July 13, 2012

CESSPOOL MEDIA ON DISPLAY: Andrea Mitchell Darn Near Unwatchable

MEANWHILE, ANDREA MITCHELL DISGRACES HERSELF AND HER PROFESSION by silently hosting a right wing political HACK AND LIAR like VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and she can't even properly articulate the argument to counter the wingnut's LIES. We're not asking you to repeat talking points; just THE FACTS, MA'AM, from reliable nonpartisan sources like, e.g., the CBO. Republicans LIE consistently. Every single time they're on with Andrea Mitchell. And she says nothing. Much less act like the shadow of a journalist.

Here's the context, to show what a CESSPOOL OF ZOMBIES MSNBC is become: Mitchell showed extended remarks by the President on the campaign trail. So she's too cowed and intimidated to do her fucking JOB when Cuccinelli comes on, for trembling fear of being accused of bias by the FOX PROPAGANDA NETWORK AND RIGHT WING SMEAR MACHINE?! Shame on you, Andrea. He's the President of the United States. No need to make excuses or act like a hostage. JUST DO YOUR JOB — COUNTER THE GOP LIES WITH FACTS. You should have them at your fingertips. Lady Alex used to, at least have laminated cards. What's in those papers you keep shuffling, Andrea ... a black bean taco recipe, hmm?

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