Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ATTN: "AMERICAN IDIOT" — S.E. Cupp Redeems Herself On "The Cycle"!?!

I KID YOU NOT, WINGNUTS! THIS IS HEARTWARMING MUST-SEE WINGNUT FARE. Your heroine has come through and proved her conservative warrior mettle. It's always a winning segment when a thoughtful commentator like Steve Kornacki gets to share a little bit of genuine history and school the audience on the benefits of sound tax policy under President Clinton.

Faced with a struggling economy and soaring deficits left over from Reagan-Bush I, the President raised the top marginal tax rate on the top 1.2% of income earners, putting the top brackets at 36% and 39.2%. Republicans predicted Armageddon. Instead, the tax paydown on the debt sparked the largest sustained economic expansion in U.S. history, wiping away the deficit by the time Clinton left office. Sarah's rejoinder? Well ... you just watch:


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