Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Memo To The Romney Team: Nice Try, Fellas ...

BUT YOU WON'T GET AHEAD POACHING THIS BLOG for your candidate's one-liner LIES. Calling President Obama an "extreme liberal" is about as accurate as Mittens The SERIAL LIAR branding himself a FASCIST. Semantics, semantics. Romney wants us to forget he defined himself as a "SEVERE CONSERVATIVE." But I am an "extreme liberal," though. I'll take it as a compliment! I don't even mind when Establishment elitist and Democratic historian Jonathan Alter throws the subject of his best book, FDR, under the bus with a sneering reference to us FDR Libs as "50s Paleoliberals." Ha-ha, I love it! Jonathan is off on one of his neo-liberal reactionary phases to protect his book's cash cow subject, President Obama, as well as his access.

I get it. It reflects poorly on Jonathan, just as the time back during the Wisconsin wars when he tore into labor unions, along with Bob Schrum, as self-appointed Obama consiglieres and protectors of the Clinton legacy. Still, Jonathan is correct in his analysis: President Obama is indeed closer to Bill Clinton than he is to us "Paleoliberals." The Obama Team made a strategic decision to tack left in this election and sound a populist message.

We know that, Jonathan. We know that being in the vanguard means one has to live with half a loaf, maybe three quarters, if we're lucky. But after all the ground that's been lost to the middle class in the age of Reagan, Jonathan knows as well as we do that the ONLY solution to reverse the slide is government investment in jobs, infrastructure, education, technology, energy, and health care. AND — raising taxes on the super-rich. That's what the "New Democrat" Bill Clinton, praised by Romney today, did. Although Romney LIED, AGAIN, that Bubba lowered taxes.

Who cares what you call it?! For all us "Paleoliberals" care you can name it the Clinton-Alter-Obama Triangulismo Grande. Just remember who's REALLY yanking your chains, gentlemen. Think 2012 when you listen to the Great Man (below), Jonathan. President Obama, of course, lacks FDR's political courage to take on Wall Street. If he did, he would win in a landslide. But, unlike FDR's Party ballast — 'O Captain, My Captain' they called him — there are too many cowards, prevaricators, and sellouts in today's Democratic Party. So perhaps, our risk-averse President feels his hands are tied. In the political war games, he's still a neophyte to FDR; closer to Bubba, though, a political legend in the Media's own mind, simply because they lack a frame of reference and a sense of history before Reagan. (I think I smell a whole bunch of Paleoelitist Democrats in the Clinton-Rendell-Alter axis.) But still ... Listen, and think 2012:

Readers of this blog will recall I like to invoke the Zeitgeist poultergeist every time the Politicos "borrow" some phrase or word that just happens to have made it into my scribblings here. FIRST. It happens just often enough to be worthy of a raised eyebrow every now and then. Consider candidate Romney's latest ridiculous attack lines on President Obama (below).

Now consider this: (1) The Romney Team have proved themselves to be incompetent and shorn of ideas; (2) They have apparently decided that glomming onto Bill Clinton will drive a wedge in Obama independent voters, by arguing that "New Democrats have done some good things." Now where would Romney get that notion? I mean, the whole "New Democrat" thing is REAL inside baseball. His audience doesn't know about the DLC. It's fondly remembered by folks like "Schrummy" (as the Beltway Clintonistas like to call him), Jonathan, and his excitable Beltway pundit colleagues.

Let's face it, guys: This "New Democrat" thing is SO NINETIES! C'mon now. Two days ago, when I posted that "Gov. Ed Rendell, man of the people, Clinton toady, and MSNBC's "New Democrat" (trans: DINO) CANKER SORE said SHUT THE FUCK UP already, because those Wall Street Journal editorials "go over [our] heads" and the Obama Team is "CRAZY" for calling Romney — with his "sterling" Bain record, according to Bubba — "the DEVIL INCARNATE" ... I was trash-talking, guys! Really. I was calling Gov. Rendell a relic, a 90s museum piece using the equally passé "New Democrat" reference. Just for kicks. And you fell for it! IDIOTS.

Memo To Mitt Romney: I'm flattered, really I am, that you would poach my excoriation of Ed Rendell labeling him a "Clinton toady" as well as "New Democrat" as evidence of some kind of split between Progressives or "extreme liberals," which I prefer, (evidently me and PRESIDENT OBAMA), and the Clinton wing represented by Gov. Ed Rendell — or 'FATSO' as I like to call him.

EARTH To The Romney Team: I hate to break it to you, guys, but I represent a single demographic: myself. So it's foolish to extrapolate anything significant from my scribbles. However, I do encourage you to do keep doing it, for it would guarantee one thing: YOUR CERTAIN DEFEAT. Or ... maybe not. Your choice. Better yet, come up with your own ideas.

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