Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cognitive Dissonance In MSNBC Nerdland

CHRIS HAYES THIS SUNDAY HOSTED NOTED ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST Bill McKibben to speak of Climate Change denialism in the Republican Party. McKibben laid the premise correctly: "Our problem, at heart, is the incredible financial power of this industry," he said. "The U.S. Chamber of Commerce — who spent more money on the election cycle last year than the RNC and the DNC combined — acts essentially as a front group, for instance, for the fossil fuel industry."

Okay, so far so good. But then he said, paraphrasing, Americans in greater and greater numbers believe global warming is a reality. BULLSHIT. Sure, 83 percent of Americans think the world is getting warmer — more opportunity to work on their tans. But at the same time, a new Wapo-Stanford University poll shows that just 18 percent of those polled consider Climate Change their top environmental concern, compared with 33 percent in 2007. Seemingly bedazzled by the man's saintliness, Chris was too cowed to challenge the optimistic assertions of science smarts on the part of Americans, a nation of imbeciles, in which 46 percent believe in "Creationism" over Evolution, according to Gallup 2012. That, by itself, is an ASTOUNDING measure of ignorance and stupidity for citizens of the planet's richest and, arguably, most powerful nation. (The education deficit is what will ultimately kill us off. Why else would Republicans be laying off so many teachers?)

As if that wasn't enough, McKibben then sang the praises of a bunch of narcissistic celebrities, led by George Clooney, who were willing to get themselves arrested to stop the Keystone pipeline. Apparently, they broke some kind of civil disobedience record. Yeah, right. Texting the 60s Civil Rights Movement. Back in those days Hollywood celebrities knew their place. Chalk up another one for saving the planet.

In the following program, featuring everyone's favorite GIDGET OF CABLE TV, SWEET AND SOUR MELISSA, political insider and lawyer Ari Melber actually said something useful, after so many useless chatterings playing sycophant to Dylan Ratigan: The average wealth of ALL members of Congress, both Houses, is $13 MILLION. So if we're going to make the indecent wealth argument about Mitt Romney, us peons better INCLUDE EVERYONE, or as Gov. Ed Rendell, man of the people, Clinton toady, and MSNBC's "New Democrat" (trans: DINO) CANKER SORE, said SHUT THE FUCK UP already, because those Wall Street Journal editorials "go over [our] heads" and the Obama Team is "CRAZY" for calling Romney — with his "sterling" Bain record, according to Bubba — "the DEVIL INCARNATE."


As stated a couple posts down, Ed Rendell never misses an opportunity to DISS President Obama. (Whatever happened to that diet of yours, Governor? Seems like Wall Street's been fattening you up pretty good TO SERVE Roast of Rendell after your suck-up to Wall Street/fuck-up throwing President Obama and the Democratic Party under the bus.) Meanwhile GIDGET OF THE CABLE TV pursed her lips like a chastised child, nodding agreeably. If nothing else, Melissa is always agreeable.

MEMO TO WALL STREET'S FAVORITE 'FATSO': (A) Mitt Romney IS the DEVIL INCARNATE; (B) Your "advice" to the Obama Team is NOT APPRECIATED insofar as all they need to do is TELL THE TRUTH about Romney's career, in and out of government, which refers back to (A) if you believe as we do that the DEVIL, like the Bible, is a metaphor; (C) boasting of how often you attended Hamptons soirées as DNC Chairman is NOT a plum addition to your c.v., for most Democrats; and (D) I'll take SWEET AND SOUR MELISSA from Princeton, ANYDAY, over Penn State luminaries Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno.

So much for the TWILIGHT OF THE (IDIOT PUNDITOCRACY) ELITES: THE OLIGARCHY OF THE PLUTOCRATS IS HERE TO STAY, said spokesmen of the MONEYED ELITES Ari Melber and Ed Rendell. Get used to it, STOP with the impolite "bad" language said Melissa the ROLL-O GIRL (sorry Melissa, I didn't get the "language" memo, so shoot me) and Ed Rendell, then maybe we'll throw some infrastructure jobs your way once the PLUTOCRAT POLITICIANS sort themselves and their CLASS INTERESTS (which include, broadly, Melissa, Rendell, Melber, MSNBC) out.

Is anyone getting the sense that this game is rigged, the "Media," all of it, is a CESSPOOL, most prominently the Orwellian doublespeak pipeline, MSNBC — and the gig is up? Or is it just my 'magination ... Must be.

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