Friday, July 06, 2012

Harvey Weinstein on TRMS: So-Called "Obama Bundler" Message ...

DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS CAN DROP DEAD. Harvey Weinstein. Either he's a smug rich guy, or delusional. This dude corrected Rachel: He's not a "Democrat." He's for Obama, I think, because he's Hollywood and Obama's hip. He doesn't care about electing a Democratic Congress at all, and Rachel, inexplicably, didn't press him.

Any more reports like this, Rachel, and we might as well fold it up. Right? C'mon Rachel, give me the silver lining, because Harvey (the Pataki-Giuliani voter) Weinstein is sinking us. He wants his trophy black president and a GOP Congress is how I see it.

Rachel, you've got to ask tougher questions, and are you trying to dissuade us from voting? Because I didn't see the humor in the "other" Koch brother story. It was pretty horrifying — and depressing. Like Ezra's push-button voting story in which the NC governor's veto to defund Planned Parenthood was mistakenly overridden — BY ONE VOTE, A FEMALE DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATOR WHO PUSHED THE WRONG BUTTON. Ha-ha, isn't that a rip, eh Ezra!

That was such a BUMMER, and the way Ezra's tease went, I thought it would be a positive story. I was bummed out by that report a long time, Rachel, OK. Still am. Maybe it's time to pack it in and give up. That's the vibe I'm getting from TRMS. Not knocking you, Rachel. I just can't take the gallows humor anymore.

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