Monday, July 02, 2012

P.S. — New MSNBC Program, "The Cycle" Is a Trainwreck

HOW CAN THEY TALK ABOUT THE HEAT WAVE assaulting the nation without discussing Global Warming?! The NASA link/story in the post below was from 6/28. And all these foolish pundits can do is make jokes about the fact that 2 million people lack electricity in sweltering triple-digit temperatures in the world's "richest" country?! Where's the crumbling infrastructure story?! One pair of idiot pundits (who shall remain nameless) bantered that some people live in these conditions "all the time" with the outrageous reply, "they're probably better off"!?!

Have any of these narcissistic privilegiados read the seasonal summer stories of the weak, the elderly, the poor, the sick succumbing to the heat wave?! That such stories haven't emerged so far in this particular East Coast heat wave is a friggin' anomalous miracle. The program is disgusting in its insensitive frivolity, its underlying meanness, its rehashing of false equivalence 'they're equally to blame' Ratigan sophistry. Touré can't seem to decide whether to be serious about anything or remain a factotum for Dylan Ratigan. He sets the tone, and it's mostly a cynical turn-off. We don't need Ratigan 'Lite'. And not everything lends itself to a joke.

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