Friday, July 06, 2012

Michael Smerconish: Shame on You!

MICHAEL SMERCONISH IS A SO-CALLED "INDEPENDENT" former Republican operative and right wing radio talk show host who, unfortunately, is sitting in for Chris Matthews on Hardball this Fourth of July vacation week. As a liberal who has never changed my stripes, I don't trust people like Smerconish, or those of his execrable "libertarian" ilk. They're just Republican wolves in sheep's clothing. Here's why:

In one segment, Smerconish brought on Clinton toady Ed Rendell — who rarely misses an opportunity to diss President Obama — and the editorial page editor of the rabidly right wing Wall Street Journal to schmooze and give good advice to the Romney campaign (from Rendell, in particular) which was weird and off-putting to this Romney-loathing viewer. I thought I was watching FOX. I don't object to hosting a RAT from the WSJ to talk about some editorial of theirs, but then don't treat him like 'family' — capisce, Smerconish.

Then in the following segment, Smerconish dilutes an OUTRAGEOUS story about Pennsylvania's REPUBLICAN driven voter suppression and disenfranchisement of THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION VOTERS by hosting a FUCKING RIGHT WING SCUMBAG NAMED DAVID FREDDOSO who was, I THINK DELIBERATELY, misidentified by Smerconish as a journalist from the Washington Examiner. Period.

The Examiner, which has endorsed Mitt Romney, is the conservative brainchild of billionaire Phillip Anschuz. But wait, there's more. The SCUMBAG FREDDOSO that Smerconish saw fit to speak on this topic as a PHONY expert, previously worked at the right wing National Review and for right wing columnist Robert Novak. Freddoso wrote, The Case Against Barack Obama, and an Obama campaign email described him as a “card-carrying member of the right-wing smear machine.” His latest work smear, Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy, was released in April 2011. This ratbastard is a darling of the right wing who should NEVER, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be given a platform on MSNBC.

SO, WTF IS THE SCUMBAG DOING ON AN MSNBC PROGRAM?! And by the way, individuals who have written books ALWAYS GET THEIR BOOKS PLUGGED. How come you didn't plug this RATBASTARD'S "books" eh, Smerconish!? Or correctly identify his right wing SCUMBAG bona fides. If Smerconish isn't responsible for booking FREDDOSO THE SCUMBAG then I would submit that MSNBC is infected with right wingers in its production ranks, who work behind the scenes to undermine the progressive message by giving air time on the FAKE PROGRESSIVE CHANNEL to the most despicable, repulsive right wing SMEAR MERCHANTS they can book as poison pills.

Nice work, Smerconish. Now, GTF OUT OF OUR FACE and I hope not to see you again anytime soon!

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