Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ragin' Larry-O Kicks Birther Madwoman Orly Taitz Off His Show

This is what I call must-see TV, people. After tearing into NBC management for being complicit in Donald Trump's hideous racist attacks on President Obama, its failure to disclose that Trump's show is renewed for another season and that he will remain an NBC employee, the fiery Lawrence O'Donnell kicked madwoman Orly Taitz, the 'Queen of Birtherism', off his show when she refused to apologize to the President and was unresponsive to the evidence of the President's newly-released 'long' form Certificate of Live Birth issued by the state of Hawaii.

Here are those fierce video segments. I would imagine those Hollywood-y NBC Entertainment Division execs in Burbank CA, the same building, apparently, from which Lawrence's show originates, are giving him a wide berth right about now, especially the "unnamed source" who told the New York Times, dismissively, "this is Donald being Donald." Really, you little weasel? Then why don't you be a MAN (assuming — it sounds like the coarse, insensitive thing a male corporatist would say) and identify yourself? Memo to Stephanie Miller (who promised Lawrence her sacred honor after his rage against lax gun laws) and her girlfriends: Try to control yourselves, ladies. We need Lawrence in tip-top condition to keep up his red-hot streak!

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