Monday, April 25, 2011

Lawrence Takes Rush Down: “What Would Jesus Take?”

Rush Limbaugh, who doesn’t know anything about religion much less the New Testament, had the blasphemous audacity to reinterpret the words of Christ after his own pig-like image. This small, rotund pigman, with the carney crier’s megaphone and the fat wallet decided he would dispel the liberal (writ large) teachings of Jesus Christ, because nothing is out of bounds for his outsized, warped ego.

From a dispassionate professional’s standpoint, Rush should have heeded the old courtroom truism: never ask a question for which you do not know the answer. Instead, the pigman in his infinite vanity was outrageously presumptuous to assume he knew what Jesus would say, without having ever taken the time to find the answer to his rhetorical question in the New Testament.

In response, Lawrence O’Donnell, in his finest (or, should I say, my favorite) “Rewrite” segment to date, took Limbaugh to Sunday School on the teachings of Christ. It was a magnificent and necessary putdown of the radio airwaves’ most despicable polluter. Unlike Limbaugh, who is the very embodiment of the guttersnipe, Lawrence does his job reporting on politics with great honor and decency.

I’ve often said to my Irish friends that I consider them to be the Europeans most like Latinos in temperament and character. Like us, they carry their emotions on their sleeves; they’re passionate about life and, like the best among us, honest, generous and chivalrous, to a fault.

Lawrence O’Donnell is a good Irishman.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus asks. He does take. Jesus taught fee will. It is your choice to give. When someone takes without your consent, it is called stealing.