Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rachel Maddow Nails What Infuriates Progressives About President Obama

Rachel Maddow:
“Whose Idea was it to let Alan Simpson Anywhere near Social Security?”

Answer: “PRESIDENT OBAMA’s!!!!!”

This, after Simpson (sometimes I think he must be the missing TV Simpsons family member) made hateful, biased statements about Social Security, then bad-mouthed veterans collecting benefits for suffering from Agent Orange. This one-man wrecking crew should NEVER HAVE BEEN APPOINTED CO-CHAIR OF THE COMMISSION ON SPENDING AND SOCIAL SECURITY IN THE FIRST PLACE. NOW, HE SHOULD BE FIRED.

Rachel, here’s your assignment (should you choose to accept it): Please summon your friend and ours, El Supremo Obama apologista, Jonathan Alter, to give us poor, outside-looking-in, lacking insight and political savvy plebes a taste of his endlessly impressive and authoritative knowledge of the President’s unassailable logic on this issue, product of Obama’s superior intellect and visionary “eternal optimist long view” of the Republican Obama-as-doormat short-term strategy as they cut, shred, tear, stomp and spit on the President’s agenda, while taking credit for the parts that remain ... like ending combat operations in Iraq.

We’re really, REALLY interested in learning what new, innovative and fascinating excuse/justification and insights Mr. Alter will produce for such an obviously subtle and nuanced decision to pick practically the WORST enemy of Social Security to co-chair the Commission to fix it. Is it some sort of counterintuitive thing? We (I’ll have to dig up the exact disparaging Alter adjective) progressives can’t wait for his next Obama apologia bull session.

P.S. Please tell Jonathan I’m almost done reading his book and have a list of questions which I’ll put in an e-mail ... not that Mr. insider’s insider will have time to reply. But I’ll send it in anyway; there’s at least one suggestion for a further footnote explanation that even he might concede has merit. (Speaking now as an editor -- not one of those terrible progressives of which Mr. Alter is so disdainful -- with free advice.)

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