Monday, June 04, 2012

One Small Step For Truth, One GIANT LEAP For MSM

GOOD CATCH ALL-ROUND, RACHEL ... I THINK YOU shamed the ratbastards into DOING THEIR -F- JOBS! The thing about the ad, though, it's like that utterly outrageous one in which the Romney team selectively edited President Obama quoting John McCain — "if we keep talking about the economy, we'll lose" — as if it's the President's own words — an outrageous bald-faced LIE which they openly acknowledged but refused to take down or change the ad.

Maybe if you can convince the MSM/Beltway Media to treat the coming deluge of Romney Super Pac ads with even a semblance of truthiness appraisal, we might get to reclaim some of the truth. I don't know why the Media fails to apply the same standard to ads as it did to the candidate's direct LIE on this particular occasion. Do they think the ads get some sort of 'creative license' pass? Or is it that ads do not have the same immediacy of a Romney campaign stop, and are therefore too much like grunge work, and they're too damn lazy? I think the latter. Or maybe the former.

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