Friday, June 08, 2012

GEE ... I Wonder Why?!

SAYS HERE THAT MEET THE PRESS HIT a 20-year low in its key 25-54 demographic. Still, David Gregory, master of the snarky smile, finished ahead of his rivals in total viewers, on the strength of his lead among seniors. Not so inexplicably, now I see, seniors are overwhelmingly in favor of Mitt Romney, who has promised to slash their Medicare and Social Security. They wouldn't know it, listening to right wing Republican enabler and crapagandist David Gregory.

Of course, in your insular echo chamber, Ministry of The Punditocracy of IDIOTS, you haven't a clue how contemptuously your key demographic views you, week after week, bitching about your right wing bias, your whitebread male guests, your disrespect of Rachel Maddow, a published successful author, pitting her against a wingnut HACK like Alex Castellanos for your panis et circences, and your specialty — softball questions. It's not as if we didn't warn you. GOOD. Arrogance doesn't get you very far. Love being able to tell the high and mighty: Told you so.

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