Tuesday, June 05, 2012

No, Jonathan Capehart Isn't Married To Karen Finney ... (SIGHS)

JONATHAN CAPEHART, OUR MR. GQ THREADS MAN ABOUT (GEORGE)TOWN caused a kerfuffle on the Internets last night when, in a joint appearance with Karen Finney on Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, he referred to Karen as "my darling wife." Good thing he was on with the "discreet" Lawrence. Imagine if he'd been on with Martin Bashir:
MARTIN: "Jonathan ... (think British accent) Do you mean to tell us that you and Karen are MARRIED?! Don't you realize that some of our viewers will be DEVASTATED by this news?!"

JONATHAN: (opens mouth to reply) ...

MARTIN: "I'm afraid we're out of time. NEXT, Mitt Romney's Cajun 'Love Child'. Stay with us ..."
For the benefit of his more gullible fans (Chris Matthews, Alex Wags), Jonathan tweeted a clarification:

And here I was thinking (not really), "Jonathan, good deal, you married UP" ... I mean, Karen's our stunning and indomitable Warrior Princess. I even heard an (unconfirmed) rumor that she dated Lee Majors, back when he was the Six Million Dollar Man!!! Aww ... but they DO make a cute couple:


Anonymous said...

LOL Love It.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so!!!!! Karen is very nice!