Thursday, June 07, 2012

There Goes The Neighborhood: Romney Rankles Rich Neighbors

THIS IS RICH. NOT ONLY IS MR. 'OUTLAW SAME-SEX MARRIAGE' MITT ROMNEY UNDER SIEGE by six gay households within a three-block radius of his LaJolla, San Diego house, but the community's liberal disposition has taken a decidedly sour posture to Romney's right wing politics. Unsurprisingly, one gay couple refused to sign a document stating they would not object to Romney's planned renovations, which would "obstruct a portion of their ocean view." (Um ... Mitt, you're not an LSD bishop ministering to your homogeneous community lamb chops from your bully pulpit.)

One of Mitt's neighbors hopes to bump into him on the street so he can explain "in a neighborly way" why he and his partner should have the same rights as Mitt and his wife Ann. Another "playfully proposed hanging a gay-pride flag from the Italian stone pine tree in his yard “so that Romney’s motorcade has to drive under it.”" The renovations, which include the infamous car elevator, are to accommodate a small army of scrubbed Romney Bots: Five children and eighteen grandchildren. Said one neighbor: "If this were Obama, I'd probably be fine with it."

Ever vigilant, Romney is demanding the pot laws be enforced. Last summer, he confronted a kid sitting on the beach, drinking and smoking a joint, and demanded that he stop. He has anonymously urged the local police to press the neighbors to "report" any pot smoking on the beach. “It’s odd that this is where Romney picked a place — it’s so progressive,” one neighbor groused. Another summed up the country's problem with Romney: “The only thing he wants small is government and taxes. He likes big houses, big families and big religion.”

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