Sunday, June 03, 2012

Resolved: Michael Steele Is MSNBC's Bloviating Gasbag CRAPPER Extraordinaire

IT WAS NO DIFFERENT WITH THE terminally "fascinated" Chris Hayes, who was so singularly "fascinated" by a Steele question, by Wisconsin, by the plight of the Labor Movement in America, by why Republicans are such extremist scumbags, that he forgot at times to take back control of his show from the BLOWHARD FILIBUSTERING GOP HACK, Michael Steele. As a result, the always thoughtful and engaging Bob Herbert was seldom heard from over the din created by Steele, and Ari Berman was interrupted by Steele screaming at the top of his lungs before he could complete this sentence: "The BIGGEST LIE of the Republicans ..." [Steele, rudely interrupting: "@#$TRU^%$#!!!!"]

Good going, Chris. Perhaps if you took your head out of your ass long enough from your New York City Manhattan (not even Brooklyn) locale to stop being so "fascinated" you might have followed the example of your Nation colleague John Nichols — ON GROUND ZERO IN WISCONSIN, WITH THE PEOPLE, AND WITH FIGHTING PROGRESSIVES — who referred to matters that might otherwise "fascinate" you as "interesting", "extremely interesting", "a very good question" (from Steele) — not once did Nichols use and abuse the most popular adjective-cliché of the Beltway Media/Idiot Punditocracy. Good guy John Nichols maintains his sense of proportion by hanging out with regular folks. You should try it, sometime, Chris. Yes, I shall STEEL myself against the fascinating onslaught when the usual suspects double down, I'm sure, just to be annoying.

Meanwhile, Ari's unfinished sentence was left out there like a dangling, hanging chad. But at least Chris had the presence of mind to get Steele to admit the Republican Party is out to completely destroy unions in this country. And where he was MIA, at least the expressions on the faces of Herbert, Ornstein, Mann, and Weingarten to Steele's BLOVIATIONS pretty much said it all.

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