Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Beats Me Too, Why Do People Vote Against Their Self-Interest?

THIS PIECE BY Janusdog at the Daily Kos is worth a read. It's not very hopeful. I keep hearing from folks like E.J. Dionne that eventually American voters make the right choice. Really? By the time they come around there will be nothing left worth saving. Including our democracy.
I don't understand
by Janusdog
I grew up in Wisconsin, and I went to undergrad at Madison.  My parents grew up in Wisconsin, and went to undergrad at Madison.  My grandparents grew up in Wisconsin, and also went to Madison.

My grandparents are dead now.  But my parents still live in Wisconsin.  My brother and I have relocated to our respective coasts - NYC and LA.

My mother is a teacher, and has been a teacher and respected union organizer for 40 years - her entire career.  We grew up with excellent insurance and financial security.  Now, my father has many chronic diseases, and my mother provides the insurance benefits that they depend on.  Her union has a good relationship with the school board, but their contract is up soon, and no one can promise what will happen after that.  Eventually my father will be too disabled to work.  Premiums have already increased by 15% this past year.

So in speaking to my mother today, can any of you explain to me why my father voted for Walker? [Continue reading here.]

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