Thursday, October 30, 2008


Friend of the program jimbow8 brings up this potential scenario with regards to the soon-to-be-doomed Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens.

What if Sarah Palin announced that if Stevens were to win the election and then leave office (either via removal or resignation), she'd nominate herself to fill the slot - could she convince a majority of Alaskans to vote for Stevens, since each vote would implicitly be a vote for her?

Is there enough time before the election for that message to get out?

How big of an internal explosion would there be in the GOP since doing this would essentially be pulling herself from the VP slot in McCain's campaign?

It's totally screwed up, but I can almost see it happening. Stevens is doomed in that race, and after the election, Bible Spice won't get a chance to replace him in office - Mark Begich will be on his way.



Peter said...

In terms of Senatorial (potential) felons, I hear that Illinois' hairiest governor is considering appointing himself to Obama's seat.

Carlos said...

I see a couple of problems with this scenario: The first is the obvious one, that Palin would be clearly undermining McCain's campaign with this self-serving diversion days left from the election.

Were they to lose, she'd get the blame (deserved or not) and her name would be toast in the GOP for 2012 assuming she'd win the senate seat.

Secondly, Alaska's voters would have to go along with this unseemly, to say the least, power play scenario. Given the dynamics of the race, with Mark Begich a strong contender in his own right, it's an unlikely scenario.

Which leaves the wink and a nod scenario with Stevens squeaking by on the whispered "understanding" that should McCain lose, Stevens would resign for Palin to appoint herself. Once again, enough voters would have to cooperate to defeat Begich, and I don't see that as likely either.

But, when it comes to Sarah Palin, the "rogue whackjob diva," nothing would surprise.

drmagoo said...


I feel much the same way. There's no way a scenario like that *should* be able to work, but the GOP has enough whackjobs in it that almost anything is within the realm of possibility.

I just thought of this corollary - what if she did this, and the moderate voters nationally responded with "Oh man, we hated her, but now that he'd have a second chance to get it right, I'll vote for McCain..."

Okay, that's pure paranoia talking.