Monday, October 27, 2008

The Buzz

"What I'm talking about is-- Wait, what am I talking about?
- The buzz.
- The buzz. And the chicks, the an offshoot of the buzz." - Almost Famous

Last week here at the Thinker was our best week yet in terms of unique visitors (523), surpassing even the halcyon days of the 06 election. Thanks to those who wander by to observe our babble and especially to those of you who comment and make us feel like there's some point to this beyond a little bit of navel-gazing.


Carlos said...

The poll data in is worth a look. They have everything from the presidential race polls, electoral map, individual states, to House and Senate races.

Carlos said...

Don't know how comment above ended up here; it was meant for the prior post.

Otherwise, I second drmagoo's words ... :)

I'm Not Ned said...

Thanks for misplaced link Carlos!

And thanks to the Love Boat Crew for keeping this blog running and not knowing if anyone reads it or cares.

Kudoz to the Crew!

drmagoo said...

I haven't been spending a lot of time at RCP, in part because they have a conservative bias, but there would be value in that anyway. I'll mix it into my next analysis.