Friday, October 31, 2008

From now on, I'm shopping at Lowes

We have a beautiful new Lowe's home center down the road from us, and perfect timing. Home Depot has a new celebrity spokesman:


I shan't darken their door again.


Lula O said...

Are you serious? What will his slogan be - Does your tiolet leak because it was put in by an unlicensed plumber who learned how to do it by watching This Old House on PBS all day? Don't ask, don't tell. Call Home Depot.

Peter said...

Lula, Bill Press reported that little factoid this morning.

Thanks for coming by too, we appreciate it!

drmagoo said...

There's a reason my wife and I call it Home Despot.

I'm Not Ned said...

Flavor of the minute.

What a terrible choice for a face man.

"I'm a tool, and when I hang out with other tools I come to Home Depot"

schmidlap said...

I fired them a while ago, just for being generally sucky, and this validates my decision perfectly.

Peter said...

I;m sure the union guys will love going to the contractor's desk with a poster of that grinning idiot on the wall.

jimbow8 said...

I normally go to Menard's because I like them better. Now I like Menard's MUCH better.

Oh, and I dislike Tony Stewart. ;)