Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election Update, 10/28

As suggested by Carlos, I looked at RealClearPolitics in combination with fivethirtyeight and electoral-vote in putting together today's update. RCP is known to have a conservative bent, based on the polls they'll use in compiling their averages. They're also moderately annoying, because they don't compile data for every race and don't put together averages for a handful of races, which, admittedly, aren't in question, but it's a completeness issue.

Well, RCP has no effect on how I'm ranking the states. The only movement from yesterday is Ohio going from Tossup to Obama Likely. We're still looking at basically the same map as yesterday, with Indiana playing the real toss-up and maybe edging toward McCain, but only slightly. It's still Obama 364 (or 375) and McCain 174 (or 163).

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