Thursday, October 30, 2008

All the (ya)Whos down in (Ya)Whoville

Just one more thought on the ADD campaign post below.

If you saw the footage of Caribou Barbie when she started her asinine attack on Rashid Khalidi, you noticed the crowd of mouthbreathers begin to boo when she mentioned his name. They booed an Arabic name (something tells me the Palin crowds don't read a lot of scholarly journals).

Is it a coincidence that the two targets of wingnut wrath are academicians? This is Richard Hofstadter, noted American historian from a generation ago, writing about anti-intellectualism all over again. Down with thought, down with free expression, from the same people who brought you "down with science."

Let us revel in our collective ignorance.

You betcha.


I'm Not Ned said...

It always makes my skin crawl when I encounter the love/hate relationship between neoCons and education.

Rush Limpbough refers to the "eggheads in their ivory towers" being out of touch and unaware. Does he know who invented Oxycontin?

Then you have the voucher crowd and No Child Left Behind (yeah, they get sent to Iraq) crowd that discussed getting rid of the Dept. of Education.

They know the score: They only get support from the extremely rich and extremely stupid. According to the poll both those groups are shrinking.

Khyle said...

I caught that too. The McCain campaign has the hard core right wing in a froth over the socialism, terrorism thing. I think they're driving toward an irreparable break with reality.

It'll be interesting to see, when in the aftermath of a crushing loss, how the Republicans recover. With the division, it's almost like the far right wingers need a party all to themselves.