Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't go away mad, Senator Stevens, just go away

Will they rename the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage?

CNN says he's guilty on all counts.


Peter said...

Shall we play "guilt by association" with the gov? After all, she pals around with felons!

If I was her, I wouldn't sleep well. Ted will spill his guts to save his sorry carcass.

And yes, in a Palin post, my "word verification," I kid you not, is "pregr."

I said...

This makes his senate seat race very interesting indeed.

Prior to the conviction announcement Begich and Stevens were in a dead heat.

I wonder how fast this will play out? Will people assume he can't serve as a convicted felon and not vote for him?

I'm predicting another blue seat, but then I was wrong on Mayor Barry.

I'm Not Ned said...

LOL. Oops, I hit return a bit quick!

"I" above is me, I'm Not Ned.


Rousing Rabble said...

Stevens is done - Begich will win EVERY undecided vote - especially when the media reports that Stevens was convicted DESPITE the judge disallowing introduction of some very killer evidence due to serious stupidity on the part of prosecutors. It turned the case from a "slam-dunk" to a nail-biter.

Lula O said...

Don't rename the airport - if that's really true - just rename one of the men's bathroom's, The Larry Craig Love Nest in his honor. They can hang out their together and discuss their court cases, and other stuff...

drmagoo said...

Oh, Ted's not a pervert (as far as we know). He's just an ignorant crook, who will get thumped on Tuesday.