Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Should Ed Rendell Be Suspended From MSNBC?

NOT UNLESS HE'S PERSONALLY PROFITING BY JOINING "DEMOCRATS" Cory Booker (still the apple of Rachel's eye), Harold Ford, Mark Warner and DeVal Patrick in undermining Team Obama's message against Bain's predatory vulture capitalism. Specifically, the jobs-killing practice of buying viable companies, gutting labor, benefits, and pensions, devastating the community, then leaving behind a trail of destruction, while extracting a neat profit for itself (Romney) and its investors.

But, again, you heard it here first. We always said the old geezer is a poor fit for Alex, noisily blowing his nose into the mic like a caricature of the weird relative you trot out for Thanksgiving, and everywhere else he shows his face (a frequent guest on the Rev, who can't buy a clue about some of his guests), except Moron Joe, which is an admittedly Republican show, whose only function is to provide GOP sound bites from Republicans who refuse to go on the other shows.

Nice try, Rachel, but there's no equivalence whatsoever with John Sununu saying Bain Capital "on the whole" is "fair game" considering their previously agreed-upon strategy to cherry-pick examples helpful to them saying piously, "see, you must look a the entire record," and that ASSHOLE Cory Booker going on MTP to say the attacks on Bain are "crap" and "nauseating" and the American people are "sick" of them. I'll take a Sununu "gaffe" anyday over the still-developing damage to the Obama campaign being wrought by Cory Booker and connected cohorts like Ed Rendell, who I am convinced is using his MSNBC platform to personally profit. Predictably, Chris Matthews, a decent sort, is baffled by his buddy's behavior seen through Chris's Pollyanna rose-tinted glasses.

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