Tuesday, May 22, 2012


HERE'S CORY BOOKER'S CAREFULLY GROOMED "postpartisan" public persona on display. As Chris Cillizza, and others in the Beltway Media elites admiringly point out, Booker's political career is carved out on the backs of the Democratic base, progressives, who Cillizza (as is his elitist wont) postulates "the politics of his comments ultimately will play out." Naturally, we must put up with this kind of condescending garbage from the Idiot Punditocracy/Beltway Media:
“Long term I think this is probably a net positive for [Booker],” said one Democratic consultant closely following the situation. “Realistically the base is always going to be fascinated by him/love him anyway.”
Really?! The schism Cory Booker is creating in the "base" and among "progressives" is not ideologically driven but class driven. Booker is making a pitch for his peeps, the Wall Street elites, nominal Democrats, affluent selective self-described liberals ready to assuage their conscience and open their pocketbooks to the "future" of the party, Booker, so long as he plays ball. Meaning don't fuck with our wealth-creation prerogatives.

But Booker may have underestimated the depth of populist OWS-driven outrage in the ranks of the so-called "base" and among progressives who believe fundamental Wall Street reform is part of the equation. Our voices aren't silent. We're just not being heard in the Beltway Media elites and corporate cable news.

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