Friday, May 25, 2012

Quotable: America's Smartest Economist Compares Republicans to Manchurian Candidates

"You do wonder if these guys (the Republicans) are moles, Manchurian Candidates for I don't know who, because their real job is to bring down America." ~ Paul Krugman, the smartest economist in America, on the Martin Bashir show. Krugman also likened Paul Ryan to "medieval doctors," alchemists, who would bleed their sick patients — deliberately causing an economic contraction (Britain) with austerity measures leading to a double-dip recession — and when they got sicker, bleed them some more. That's how George Washington was killed.

By the way, when will MSNBC stop disrespecting its viewers with that pompous ass who follows Martin, Dylan Ratigan, and do the switcheroo everybody wants: drop the transcendentally BRILLIANT Chris Hayes into Dylan's slot and send the reactionary windbag off to early morning weekend Siberia!? While I rarely watch the KING OF SOPHISTRY AND FALSE POLITICAL EQUIVALENCE, I'm assuming (pretty safely, since Dylan's thin skin could not tolerate another intellectual epidermal scraping) that he hasn't booked Paul Krugman on his show, even though he'll host every marginal Tom, Dick and Harry with a like-minded POV, like the racist Charles Murray of Bell Curve infamy. Poor Dylan, he's really skeert of Krugman knocking down his pompous libertarian wingnut assumptions and humiliating him on national TV, his own show.

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