Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BAINWASHED! Cory Booker Pulls A George Romney

WATCH CORY BOOKER's "hostage" video in which he reenacts the modern version of Mitt's dad, George Romney, whose national political ambitions were dashed when he claimed to have been "brainwashed" about Vietnam after touring the war zone. Not only was Cory BAINWASHED, he was 'NAUSEATED' too! So the question remains:

Who BAINWASHED Cory?! Was it the High Priest of the Beltway Media and paulayntard David Gregory?! Was it President Obama's sinister Chicago reelection pol David 'AXE' Axelrod, whose benign baker look conceals a ruthless political butcher?! Or was it the SOILED BOT underwear legions of Mitt's EVIL EMPIRE?! Take a look at Cory's "hostage video" (according to Moron Joe) before his still-BAINWASHED TRMS interview, for clues:

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