Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quotable: Steve Kornacki, Who KNOWS What Cory Booker's All About

"More likely, Booker went on the show to help himself and to advance his own long-term political prospects. And on that score, his appearance was a success." ~ From Steve Kornacki's excellent Salon piece, deconstructing Cory Booker's 'it's all about me!' appearance on Meet The Press.

Do you still think so, Steve? Let me put it this way: Cory Booker is a PM Democrat; like his other ULTRA-OBNOXIOUS EVIL TWIN Harold Ford, he's still operating politically under PRE-(FINANCIAL)-MELTDOWN assumptions, as a veritable Wall Street lapdog. His cynical attempt on TRMS to drive a wedge between progressives, as Rachel inexplicably stood down and didn't push back, FAILED MISERABLY.

I ask again, HOW STUPID DOES THIS ASSHOLE THINK WE ARE?! He will NEVER AGAIN have our support to advance his political career. The Democratic Party and its progressive base is about supporting AM candidates. Figure it out Cory. You might want to consider switching parties.

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