Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quotable: The Irrepressible, Inimitable, Irresistible Ten-Ten-TENDENTIOUS Alex Wags

"THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF TERRORS ... COMING UP, WE'RE GOING TO ROLE-PLAY." ~ Alex Wags "paraphrasing" the (AHEM) HBO period series, Game of Thrones.
Without a doubt, the highlight of Alex's ALWAYS unpredictable show, with her eclectic/roguish cast of characters. Second best moment, James Lipton's appearance. He made the adorably severe Maggie Haberman laugh, though the rest of the time she intimidated her colleagues (even Alex) and terrorized fiction writer John Heilemann when he had the audacity to chuckle at Maggie in mid-sentence while expounding her wisdom. (Paraphrasing, too (!)) ... Maggie, icily, doing her De Niro Taxi Driver impression: "You laugh, John. Are you laughing at me; was it something I said ...?!" Heilemann, ducking behind Patricia: "Nonononono ..." Hmm ... now I'm wondering which one of the scantily-clad (or not at all) Game of Thrones characters Alex takes a fancy to.


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