Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WINGNUT "HUMOR": Worse Than You Think ...

Did anyone catch SNL last week featuring Amy Poehler back with Seth Meyers to slam the Republicans' obsession with conferring rights on human fertilized eggs and probing American women against their will, i.e., legalized rape?

Amy and Seth do political satire for a living. Don't try this at the red statehouse if you're a Republican struggling to step into the 20th century. Here's the jackass who introduced the "fetal personhood" amendment trying to be funny: "This chauvinist Seth answers a question about pregnancy when in fact, it should have been Baby Momma who answers the question about pregnancy. I’ll bet Seth has never been pregnant."

Right back at ya, MORON! Have YOU?! That's the WHOLE POINT, isn't it? IMBECILE RATBASTARD REPUBLICANS.

But it gets worse. There are certain things that us normal people know instinctively not to make jokes about. Here's the creep who makes a living putting words in the mouths of roboticon Republicans:

Here’s a HOWLER, Frank. How about we start a Twitter campaign to report you to the Secret Service as a threat to the President. You and all those Republican presidential candidates who yell “FIRE!” in a crowded campaign event by insinuating the President is a secret Muslim, anti-Christian, and a danger to our national security. Maybe, instead of Secret Service protection, they should get a Secret Service interview.

How does that tickle your funny bone, wordSith boy?

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