Monday, February 20, 2012

Quotable: Sweet Melissa On Media's, Um ... Dysfunction

"We are suffering from premature speculation. Headlines like these — "Herman Cain, Frontrunner," to "Another Poll Confirms Trump As Republican Frontrunner," to "Ingraham: Perry Should Drop Out" — expose the media for its secret desire to skip the foreplay and get right to the main event ... And it's all left me very frustrated."

There's no FOX fix or little blue pill that can solve this. What's interesting, though, is that women can fake it better than men. Take Laura Ingraham and that high-pitched nasal whine of hers. That's how liberals imagine natural whiners like wingnut women ... piqueing.

Melissa's Lament.
 Minor quibble: Ed Cox was a dud when he married the Nixon daughter, and now he's an aging dud unqualified to discuss "what is a conservative" beyond the talking points. Maybe that's the point and his appearance was by design. Melissa toyed with him as a cat would a mouse. And Peter Edelman, fellow academic notwithstanding, gave a petrified impression and I don't mean scared.

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