Monday, February 20, 2012

Alex Wagner's 'NOW' ... Should Be Renamed "With The Lizard King"

Three out of four ain't bad, only for Meatloaf and Lizard King fans. For the rest of us, a panel composed of Ari The Nation's chameleon (what does he care; have you seen the dude's girlfriend?), Jimmy the fake Democrat (what does he care, he's got a cabin in the woods to ride out Armageddon thanks to his lobbyist's pay), and the Lizard King himself, is just too much. No gong, no way.

Alex, we like you, but not when you drift inexorably toward becoming a reactionary corporate tool. Not that much. It sounds counter-intuitive, I know, given the forked-tongue Lizard King rants, but think about it in context and you might figure it out. You're plenty smart enough, Alex, but lately a progressive's disappointment.

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